“I need to make sure that our guest here doesn’t worm his way out of his pain mesh before I get the chance to disable his motor functions; and after that I'm going to make sure Jay and everyone else here is ok, before I decide on whether or not I dissect the one armed smegger while he's still conscious or after I decommission him”
She turned and began wheeling the x-ray machine that Justin had previously been using over towards the Simulant
“You do your job, and I'll do mine, ok?”
<end snip>

Cass approached the simulant, but as she got close, he forced the pain mesh off himself and tossed it, across the room.
“Right!” he snarled “You’re gonna pay for that love….”
Cass backed away from Beans in a panic, tripping over Davie’s limp form, and the simulant began dragging himself across the floor, determined to do unpleasant things to the woman who had ensnared him.
What no-one had noticed at this point though was that the pain mesh had landed over Jay’s unconscious body, he awoke with a start, writhing in agony.
He screamed out as his entire body was filled with agonizing pain, but then something happened. The pain began to ease, and the HUD projected by his standard issue STCP nano-suit faded back into view. The power bar was filling, the suit, which had been out of power since Jay first arrived on the Blue Dwarf was recharging itself from contact with the pain mesh. It’s systems kicking in to augment Jay’s own physical strength, endurance, agility and most importantly, his pain receptors.
The bar at full, Jay hurled the mesh off his body and jumped to his feet, moving quicker than ever before. He leapt across the room in a single bound and grabbed Beans in a headlock.

The simulant was strong, but Jay, fuelled by his nano-suit, and his animalistic urge to protect Cassandra was stronger, with a quick twist, he snapped the droids neck, dropped him to the floor and reaching down, ripped out the cerebral core, tossing it casually over his shoulder.

“You ok?” he asked Cass, helping her to her feet and placing a hand on each of her shoulders.
She nodded. “I don’t think she is though….”
Jay turned to look over at Phi who was still panicking about operating on Seymour.
“Phi…” jay said “now that’s charged, the nano-suit has medical functions, it can heal minor injuries and perform medical diagnostics for the wearer…I don’t think it could handle anything this complex but….if we could find a way to extend it’s range to others…it might help you…course…you’d need to be wearing it…I’m no Doctor…”
He turned to Cass, “You’re good with this kind of thing” he said unzipping the suit, stepping out of it and handing it to Cass leaving him clad only in a pair of shorts. “Think you can modify it so Phi can use it to work on Seymour?”

<tag! anyone, I’ve deliberately had the suit be out of power since I came back as it could be pretty god-moddy, so if you could ‘burn it out’ I’d be ever so grateful.>

<Oh, and I’m not quite sure how to respond to Phil’s tag in story, as I have no idea what you have planned for his story, but I’d have thought his interrogator would be a Morris Dancer?>

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