Moulin Bleu

The unconscious members of the party were beginning to come round, groaning and clutching their various injuries. Justin's light bee buzzed a little. It was like the hangover you got after a good weekend belting out the classics in Parrots during karaoke season.
Everyone sobered when the soul chilling simulant broke his bonds, thrusting the net across the room.

"Always with the throwing stuff." Said Phil. "What a tosser."
"I thought those things were indestructable" murmered Alex.
"Looks like he is" said Davie.
"No, I mean the Pain Mesh. How'd he break it open?"
Davie shrugged.

"I think I'm gonna try and pouch him again" White Wolf tried to scramble onto two of his feet but stood on Justin's light bee and slipped, tail first, onto Phil's face.
"Sorry. Not like me. Think I'm a bit whoozy."
"What?" Wolf lifted a hamcheek.
"Get off!"
"Oh! Sorry."
Phil spat hamster hairs onto the floor.

This happened fairly quickly but time decided to slow down when Jay screamed with pain and leapt across the room, freeing up the festering simulant's diary for the next eternity or two.

<snip>The bar at full, Jay hurled the mesh off his body and jumped to his feet, moving quicker than ever before. He leapt across the room in a single bound and grabbed Beans in a headlock...

... with a quick twist, he snapped the droids neck, dropped him to the floor and reaching down, ripped out the cerebral core, tossing it casually over his shoulder...</snip>

"No-oo-oouu--ouuuuhhhrrrrrrr..!" CRACK. SQUELCH.

The others looked on in admiration. It was pretty damn impressive.
"Madre de Dios!" Exclaimed Gomez.
Cass opened her eyes wide, appearing innocent and vulnerable for a few rare seconds before the jaded, sardonic default returned.
"I knew it." Phil nodded. "He's got a thing for her."

They watched as Jay then stripped off and handed his nano-suit to Phi.
They hoped she'd follow his example. They were in luck.

She wasn't too keen on donning a garment a man had been sweating in not two minutes ago, but primarily she was a student of medicine and had vowed to "do no harm". To leave poor Seymour impregnated by a squid when she could save him the gory, gut-bursting death, would certainly be doing harm. If only by inaction.

"Okay, I'll do it." She said, sounding as wobbly as she felt. She walked through the process in her head. She could do it. She would do it. She could do it. She would do it.
She was so engrossed in her mind-mantra that she didn't notice the guys ogling her. And boy did they ogle. Cass had a fair old look, herself.

Once Phi was suited she felt a strange surge of energy. Whether it was adrenaline, brought on by another sudden bulge in Seymour's stomach, or the suit's systems heightening her own, she couldn't tell. But suddenly, she was ready...

Once slice, two. Had she sterilised the "scalpel"? Yes she had.
Jay wiped a bead of sweat from Phi's brow.
Cass frowned.
"Come on, you can do it." One of them urged. She didn't focus on who. All was Seymour. All was here. All was now. All was... This disgusting worm thing she'd just cut into!

"Euurgh!" She had to concentrate like never before. It was hell not following her repulsed instinct, not yanking it out and tossing it Beans-style across the room. But it would have been devastating for it had become so intertwined with Seymours slimy bits that it would've torn some of those out too, and he kinda needed them.
She swallowed hard and worked on seperating the nasty little creature neatly from Seymour's intestines.
After what felt like three months, she pulled it out and popped it into a jar Cass had found in one of the cupboards.

She sewed Niples up and finished with a tidy flourish. Everyone cheered and applauded. Everyone apart from the still unconscious Niples and Justin's light bee, of course.

Alex limped over. "Good job. Nice field dressin' there."
"Yeah, you know, battle."
Phi looked around, it was a war zone, he was right.
He smiled at her and walked off to join Gomez, who was poking around in the cupboards.

Davie suddenly realised "Hadn't we better repair Pancake?"
"Yeah, in a minute." Said Alex, trying to delay it. He'd realised ages ago but still wasn't too keen on the creepy little sod.

"Nice one, Phi. That was pretty cool." Cass patted her on the shoulder. "Now give Jay his suit back."
"Oh yeah, sorry!"

She stepped out of the suit and placed it onto Seymour's artificial legs while dressing in her own clothes. There was a CSHUNG! And suddenly Seymour was up, dancing about the room.

"HhWhat the smeg?" Gomez's jaw dropped.

"The suit!" cried Jay. "It's reacting with his legs!"

Phil and Davie laughed. Alex smirked.

Seymour can-canned...


<Why was Beans so extra strong? Anything we could salvage from his remains or learn from him?>

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