Welcome to Paradise

She stepped out of the suit and placed it onto Seymour's artificial legs while dressing in her own clothes. There was a CSHUNG! And suddenly Seymour was up, dancing about the room.

"HhWhat the smeg?" Gomez's jaw dropped.

"The suit!" cried Jay. "It's reacting with his legs!"

Phil and Davie laughed. Alex smirked.

Seymour can-canned...
<end snip>

Seymour opened his eyes, "I say!" he said "Whatever is happening!"
"THE SUIT!" Yelled Jay, "Grab it!"
Solvay was nearest, he lunged for the suit, now wrapped around Seymours legs, but was kicked in the chest by Seymours right leg, knocking him aside.
Gomez shook his head, then, grabbed the flaying sleeves of the suit and in one swift motion, whipped it away from Seymour, like a matador swiping away a red cloth from a bulls path.
"Ole!" he said calmly, before taking a bow and tossing the suit across to Jay, who, to Cass's disappointment, put it on.
"Damn thing's on the fritz" Jay said, "I dunno whether it was interference from Seymours systems or reversing the direction of the diagnostics, but it's useless...."
"Hey dudes" said Holly, appearing on a wall monitor. "Thought you should know..." he said "Theres a space station nearby, I've done a scan, theres no life signs aboard, but they're fully stocked with supplies, and have a fully functional medical lab...."
"How far Hol?" Jay asked
"Just a short starbug ride, we've been in range for hours.."
"Why are you only telling us now?" Phi snapped "I could have treated Seymour in the lab!"
"Well, you all looked like you were having fun..." Holly replied.
"Anyway....the stations automated, it's computers sent a message saying to feel free to board and help ourselves."
"Sounds suspicious" Cass said "Too good to be true, surely."
"Maybe" said White Wolf, "But what choice do we have, Seymour flushed all our stocks out into space.."
"Then it's settled" Jay said "We head over there and restock...."


It was an hour later, and the Starbug touched down in the stations pristine landing bay, the group of Dwarfers wandered through the corridors.
"Welcome" came a voice up ahead.
"Who was that?" Seymour asked. "I thought Holly said there was no-one here..."
"I assure, your computer was correct" said the voice "at the time."
"So someones come aboard in that short time..." Jay asked nodding to Davie to check his weapon.
"In a manner of speaking..." the voice said "Join me for dinner" it continued "You are tired, and need rest. You may have your fill, and use any of our facilities. We have recreational holo-chambers, capable of recreating your every fantasy. A giant pile of sawdust for you, Mr White Wolf..."
"How do you know my name?" interuppted the hamster.
"Or a fine-wine tasting session for you Mr Niples"
"I say, sounds wonderful" Seymour said
"Or perhaps a simple bedroom, for Mr Chrysler and Miss Jones.."
"WHAT?" Jay and Cass snapped, Phil sniggered.
"That, IS, what you both want, is it not?" the voice replied.
"Who are you man.." Jay said, angry.
A figure, clad in a green jumpsuit, with silver piping and facemask stepped out of the shadow.
"MY name..." it said "Is Legion"


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