What now?

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Over the last several days the crew had been aboard the Archiver’s ship Davie had hoped to get some much needed rest and re-supply, but instead found he was expected to act as nurse maid to a good portion of group, two of which had tried to kill him before, one of whom could have succeeded. Granted his situation had some advantages. Like the fact that he was able to convince the Archiver’s he was Phil’s chief battle Lieutenant, for which they gave him his choice of weapons and technology, although he had to work like a dog for them.
For some reason though he couldn’t help but feel something other than the blatantly obvious was ‘off’ somehow. Something wasn’t right, and he knew Alex had noticed it as well, even though he was off his head with DS these last few days. So far he’d managed to earn a SMG, ammo and half a case of fragmentation grenades. This combined with a few pieces of equipment he’d managed to pilfer from his dream room on Legion’s station equaled quite a formidable personal arsenal. When he wasn’t working for his guns though he either ate, slept, or studied what he could from the ship’s extensive library of knowledge.
“Tea.” He said to the replicator outside the Temple Chamber on his break. The machine whirred and clicked before producing a steaming yellow liquid in a clear mug. Davie frowned, discarded the liquid and said again “Tea.” in a more commanding voice. Again it produced the yellow liquid. He sighed and Alex chuckled as he walked up next to him. “Trouble?” he said through his snickering. “Apparently ‘tea’ sounds a bit to close to ‘pee’ for this thing.”
Alex laughed again and ordered a chicken sandwich and coffee. Out popped a cup full of fur and a bread bun with a trilling animal between it. They looked at each other in a sort of ‘What the hell now?’ fashion. “Okay, I’ll try a different one.” said Alex a bit like Jack Sparrow before walking off. Davie tossed the other cup in the bin and decided to go the library deck instead. He’d been reading about activating latent psychic abilities in humanoids, something he knew a little about having studied mental warfare before.
A few more days passed and they were in range of the Blue Dwarf..

* * *
Ten more minutes passed before the air hissed and shimmered again, with a squad of six identical, black clad figures materialising this time; each armed to the teeth with an array of high energy weapons
One of them, possibly a woman judging from her build, ducked down to pull out a control panel, which she used to interface with the HK's as the others scrambled to take up positions, training their weapons down each corridor of the intersection
“Perimeter's secure sir” the woman announced “The HK's report no human activity, but have had to waste five lizard-like creatures and one entity that appeared to be composed of faeces”
“Excellent news” the commander replied, standing proudly in the middle of the intersection with his hands on his hips “I can feel it in my blood, Enforcers: Today's the day we bring the traitors to justice!”

“Commander we have an alien vessel incoming.” The woman announced. “Origin?”
“It likes an Archiver ship, sir.”

* * *

Davie sat next to Seymour at the disciples dinner table. Seymour’s watch beeped as his fork was half way to his mouth with some rare delicacy that looked like more trouble than it was worth. Annoyed Seymour huffed and dropped his fork back down to his plate. “Not now Holly,” he half whined, “ can’t you see I’m eating??”
“Oh, right sorry dude.”
“Right, that’s better.”
Seymour reached for the fork again. Halfway back up Davie said “Let me see that watch Seymour.”
Seymour’s hand dipped away from his mouth again. “What? Why?”
“He might be calling for a good reason, let me see it.”
“At least let me finish taking this bite first.”
The fork disappeared behind Seymour’s lips and came back out again without any food. Davie gritted his teeth as he chewed annoyingly slow. He swallowed. “Now can I see the watch please?”
White Wolf watched the exchange amusedly. “Ah, Mr. Jones! I’m glad you asked nicely.”
Davie looked over at WW as his hand openly waited for Seymour’s watch. Finally he felt the weight of the small piece of metal in his hand. He dialed Holly. “What’s happenin’ dudes?”
“You just called us Holly, what’s up?”
“I did?”
“Yes, you did…”
“Oh yeah, that’s right.”
A moment of silence passed as Davie and Holly starred at each other. “Well!?”
“Right, well we have some intruders onboard.”
Davie sat upright. “Do you have a security feed?”
“Sure dude.”
“Well can I see it?”
“Oh yes…”
A moment later several figures in black uniforms armed to the teeth appeared before him on the watch. “Oh boy…”
White Wolf look worriedly at him as he said this while Seymour continued stuffing his face. Davie turned the watch to him and he frowned. WW handed it back. “Do hey have any insignia Hol?”
“Zoom in and show me.”
The camera feed shot forward towards the one who plainly seemed to be in charge. He couldn’t see their faces, but the camera zoomed to a patch on his shoulder. “S.T.C—Smeg!”
Davie stood up quickly, sending his chair half way across the room. “Guys get ready for a fight! STCP!”
The crew scrambled to a chorus of Seymour asking “What? What’s happening? Something wrong with the food?”
Davie shot out of the dinning room and sped for the Temple Chamber. He burst in to find Phil and Justin doing rude things with their statues. Two Archivers tried to restrain him before he shrugged one off and decked the other with a solid punch to the jaw. “Stop screwing around! We’ve got trouble!”
“What?” a mostly drunk Phil slurred. “STCP on the Dwarf.”
It took a moment for this to sink in, but once it did Phil went pale and sobered up almost instantly. “We’ve got to tell Jay. Let’s go.” Phil said shakily and they left Justin trying to feed his statue a half eaten kebab.
They found Jay and Cass in their quarters. “Jay, trouble.” Phil said and Davie tossed him the watch with a still of the STCP Commander on its face. He gawped for a moment then turned around. And looked at Phil, Davie having left the room to go to his quarters and gather his weapons.

<tag! So what’s the deal with the STCP? Do they want you alive or will they shoot to kill? Do we take them on gun barrel first or try to space them or something? Can we even fight them or do we have to take these guys down without hurting them? Can Holly keep them busy while we come up with a plan? Did Seymour get new legs? What’s the deal between the two love birds?>

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