Hasta La Vista, Solvay. P2 - Grime and Punishment

Part 2

Refectory. The counselling session.

“Seymour, is this going to go on much longer?” Phil thought his brain was going to melt.
“Hey, Seymour hasn't had a go yet!” Justin pointed out, eager to hear about Seymour's experience.
Phi turned to Seymour and smiled kindly at him.
“Yes, Seymour, is there anything you'd like to discuss about what happened on the planet?”
He thought for a moment. So much. God, so much. “Not really, no.” He said, firmly.
The others booed.

Bedge remembered something from a film he'd seen with Phil. He felt the human's wrist for a pulse but couldn't feel anything. “Oh-no, oh-no.” He felt the man's neck. Still nothing. He didn't know how hard you could press a human neck without it snapping. He applied a little more pressure, just in case.
There was a pulse beating gently, slowly. It was weak, but it was there!
“Marster Solvay (you piece of 'ooman scum) you are not dead!”

Down on the planet, Alex hadn't known anyone had been watching but Bedge had observed him fishing an ugly little creature out of a pond. It had been drowning and was almost completely dead. Solvay had worked hard to bring it back to life. Bedge hadn't quite known what the point was, but now he thought he understood.
Alex had been determined not to let that little fellow die and Bedge was smegged if he was going to let Alex die!
He gently put him on the floor and bounded across the room again. There had to be another way out, had to be. What kind of smeghead designed a compartment with only one door?
He searched desperately, but still there was no way out. “I AM GETTIN' ANGERY NOW!” He told the room.
He looked at the ladder again, then at the containers. “Yesh.”
He pushed a container over to the ladder, thinking he'd be able to get Alex onto it, then climb up himself. But when the container was in position he realised that it was too high to climb onto.
He paced back across the space, seriously frustrated now. “WHY!!!?” In rage he slammed his fist into the rusty wall... … which... yielded. “WOT!?” He punched it again, and again, each time chunks of wall and rust fell away under his jackhammer fist. He pummelled away till a there was a clear hole. “At LARSHT!”
He took a run up and bolted right at the wall and straight through it, leaving a large Bedge-shaped opening.

He looked around, he was in a service corridor. He didn't think he'd ever felt more relieved. He called back into the room to the unconscious Alex.
“Don't you worry Marster Solvay, Bedgey isz takin' you home!”

Refectory again.

“Now, as we know” Phi was saying “it can be complicated to become... involved... with certain individuals.”
Cass and Katrina exchanged a look.
“However, we mustn't punish ourselves for the mistakes we make. Ultimately no harm was done during the Belhaphasarian contact-”
“Apart from their planet being destroyed.” White Wolf interjected.
“A-apart from their planet being destroyed. But emotionally, relationship-wise, I mean...” She flashed a bright smile at them. “...It all turned out all right in the end!”
“HOLY SMEG!” Justin yelled.
Everyone looked where he was pointing. A mud, dust, rust, scale and, most obviously, blood covered Bedge was stumbling into the room through the side entrance, carrying a limp and even more blood covered Alex in his arms like a rag doll.
“I am shorry-” the sim started to explain... And the room erupted into chaos.
“He's killed him! HE'S KILLED HIM!”
“We never should have trusted him!”
“No. You do not undershtand. He is not de-”
“Once a murderer, always a murderer.”
“Wait, pleashe! You need to help Marst-” Then everything went black. This was because Phil had coshed him on the head with a table leg. He crumpled to the floor, Alex still in his arms.
Seymour looked down at the fading engineer.
“Phi! Medi bay! NOW!”

Medi Bay

He was dead. He knew he was dead because there was an angel looking down at him. White light framing her lovely head. Maybe he was going to be reunited with Jacob...

No. No, that wasn't an angel, it was Cass.
Was Cass dead too? Poor Cass.
Or... Maybe he wasn't dead.
“Cass?” He rasped.
He squinted at the light, trying to pull her features into focus.

He realised the ethereal figure had blonde hair.

It wasn't an angel or Cass. He recognised her from the STCP headquarters.
It was Brittany.



<What the smeg is Brittany doing on the Dwarf, skulking around the medi bay?>
<Poor Bedge, locked away and punished when he's actually a hero...>

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