Inner Thoughts

As she screamed, and clung on to the foppish freak I couldn’t help but admire the work that lay in front of me. The bodies had been dismembered so neatly, left in little bloodless piles of human flesh. The sibilant whisper from behind my ear reminded me that the time was not yet right, we must keep up appearances lest they find out too soon. A small shudder thrilled down my spine as I imagined what the stripper whore looked like inside out. The Doctor noticed and shot me a re-assuring look, must have thought it was fear, or disgust. Shark-boy pulled back his Lava Girl and cuddled her, urgh, those two need to watch each other. I think I’ll start by cutting off his tongue. One more “Eve babe” “Cha, totally” or “Like” and I will cut it out right now, feed it to the little cock-tease and see if she screams then. There it is again, that hiss reminding me to be patient, to wait. Get them alone. In a group they are far too dangerous.

I pushed forwards, looking at the piles of neatly arranged limbs and couldn’t help but smile. I looked back to the charming fly-boy, just as he ran his hand through his hair, and gave his own little wry smile.

“Well, I have to hand it to them. This is an armless welcome. Don’t you think? Nothing to worry about here.” Typical witty remark, the whore scowled at him and the engineer grimaced.

“At least we are good if we need to legit.” Keep up appearances, witty remark, check. Shame that the humourless ice queen didn’t get it.

“You can shut up too. Last thing I need right now is…” Jamie turned a peculiar shade of pale yellow-green and reached for a bottle of Japanese whisky in his bag, seeing where it was from he turned even paler. It was fascinating to watch as Cass saw the bottle and Jamie dry heaved. “Shit… Sorry…” She reached for her own bottle of Gin to drown the thoughts out.

“Cass…” He began, reaching out for her, horror evident in his eyes. I wondered what it would take to emulate the look on his face. I wonder, what could be done to them, the psychic link would be a marvellous tool to break the stripper whore.

“Just… fuck… Shut up…” She swigged.

“I know it’s tough for you, but we are all going to starve if we don’t push on. At least now we know what we are up against.” Charming fly-boy said, in his charming leader voice. Smug git, I’ll make him watch as I cut up everyone. How dare he… Not yet… Shhh, wait… I couldn’t help but smirk.

“Yeah right.” I added without thinking. You have no idea…

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