Holiday To Order

"Soylent Green?" Jamie asked. "That's that old book, isn't it?"

"An Earth where they feed people other humans because they have no other food. It can't be that, they'd keep them refrigerated." Cass replied quickly, dispelling the horrible thought.

"Any meat becomes inedible after only a few days due to bacteria." Jade said, and tried to keep being a doctor at the forefront of her mind. "These have been here at least a week, from the looks of them."

"Doesn't smell as bad as week old bodies." Plisken said, and slowly they began to think something else was going on.

"Greetings, humans!" came the mechanoid voice. "I am Grovely. I shall be your host here for the duration of your stay. Please tell me if there is anything that I can do to help make your visit a pleasant one."

"Well, for starters you can explain the bodies here." Cass said, holding her weapon towards the mechanoid.

"Oh my Circuits! I do apologise." Grovely said, and tapped away at a keyboard attached at his wrist. Moments later, the bodies disappeared, bloodstains with them.

"That doesn't help the images going through my head right now." Jamie said under his breath, though now he'd got over the shock of the mental images that Cass had sent him. Memories of her past, no doubt.

"So, they were holograms?" Cass asked, and at that moment, the power requirements of it were in her mind, and Jamie's engineering mind snapped to attention and joined in the inner conversation.

"You must have one hell of a solar farm set up here." they said in unison. They then both cursed each other, and Cass took another mouthful of gin.

"So, they weren't real?" Jaxx asked, stepping to where the bodies had been moments before. He walked as if nothing was there, so the suspicious part of everyone's mind was covered - It wasn't a hologram masking the corpses.

"They were holograms. Keep up." Cass said, snapping in her slightly inebreiated state and turned back to Grovely. "Why was there a hologram of corpses here?"

"Oh, that's easily explained." Grovely said. "One of our previous guests had a fetish for murder mysteries. He said he wanted something gruesome and out of science fiction. So we gave him orchestrated massacres, and restaurants of people serving human flesh! It was a ghastly tale, but there's no accounting for taste." He said it like it was no big deal, flippantly dismissing it like it was less disturbing than Mini-Phil's goat fetish.

"So. What kind of resort would you like? We can do Victorian London." Grovely said, and hit a button on his keyboard that switched the entire station interior to what looked like the very city and time period he had said. "We can also do more childlike adventures, like Bouncy Castles." He said, again hitting a switch to change the decor to a fleet of bouncy castles. "Ooh, such a good time." He added, as if recalling a memory.

"You said the previous visitors wanted a murder mystery, so you can do interesting stories here, too?" Tara asked.

"Oh, yes. We've got escape from a vicious Jungle, that's a fun -" he started to say, but was cut off by a resounding NO from everyone except Jamie. Their last ordeal on Fernandos had obviously taken its toll on everyone's sanity.

"Ok, no jungles." Grovely said. "Please, tell me what you want to see. I am afraid the entire station changes, so we can't account for separate choices from each visitor, if a group such as yourselves arrives. I've got Tropical Paradise, Orient Express, Dragon filled dungeons..." He went through the list, and the scene changed for each one.

<Ok guys. Time to choose our holiday! Naturally, food is also included.>

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