Theo and magic

Once the shadow disappeared luna looked around the area nothing her friend and the strangers Olin stood out he was smarter then the rest of the strangers. Then Theo came up behind him and held a knife to his throat. “ you, leave him alone “ Luna growled easing her staff to fight Theo.

The man that Theo had a knife to used magic to freeze the mans arm. When Theo inevitably let go and backed away Olin. Luna would attempt to cast her shelled spell only to have it fail she stumbled sideways and put her hand to her head. “ well that was pleasant” she muttered. She quietly found And walked over to Balar and Tiella. She realized she couldn’t fight right now. She looked around and watched as Olin cast a spell on Caligari.

She walked up to Olin wail he was not speaking with Caligari or the apparent leader of the group. “ excuses me what is your name? but how did you do that that spell?” Luna asked curiously. Her blue eyes had a dullness to them it was unusual a side effect of her expositive use of her magic. It would take time before she fully regained her straight.

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