The giants ire was turned towards the one who spoke, their leader.
"You speak as if to honor my memory? YOUR kind enslaved me and made me a mule! You laughed at the sport of breaking my spirit as you preyed on the weak and innocent!"
It was clear that those of his group did not share his disdain of the bandits, but he could not stomach being in their presence unless it was to end them.
"You all may be willing to seek their aid, but I will not stand their presence."
With this deceleration he left left the building, the wind greeting him as it pierced his being. He noticed they had not gone far from the Sepulcher, deciding that he would shelter there for the moment.
Kespin had watched the whole scene with relative amusement. Though still battling his sanity, the old wizard still knew the dangers the Jotun would have presented if he attacked.
"So then, hairy buffoon, what is your way of getting out of here?"

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