“ I’ll go after him” Luna said and headed out into the freezing cold after Eric. When she opened the door and was greated by the freezing air she clasped the door swing shut again. “ Sh-shadow” she muttered weekly. The shadow appeared infant of her.

“ your no good to him dead” the shadow said.

“ I know talk to him share my story with him please” she asked before finally passing out. The shadow disappeared as soon as she was out. She should not have tryed to leave and Should not have tryed to use her magic again so soon after that fight.

Luna became trapped in a nightmare. Well more like reliving her past. She was about 12 and had been locked in her room again this time she had been left for three hours before her father and secret other elders in the town came in. They intended to place a ceal of her magic so she could not use magic again. This was the night she escaped.

The dream change soddenly and she was six. She had had her but handed to her by several older boys in her village for talking to shadows. When she went home and told her parents her father beat her. Tears streaked her face as more memories glided her mind. She had suffered multiple attacked and beating from age six to age twelve when she finally escapes with the shadows help.


The shadow appeared in-front of Eric.” Erik Luna asked me to give you a message” the shadow said and wighted for his response.

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