Idle Chatter

While he was thrilled to talk to the ice Jotun, the packs of meat they carried did not escape his attention.
It was actually common for Jotun to eat other races, a practice that led to many children's tales and ancestral grudges.
Trying to remember the last time he had met another of his kind, he was reminded of his disturbing duel in the dwarven mines. He quickly abandoned his memories.
Erik settled back into the idle chatter he had been engaged in.
Kespin had been staying close to Dyvia for the duration of their walk, constantly watching the dwarf.
Every now and then, she would mumble something, though the winds made deciphering it impossible.
Making sure the others were distracted, he got out the journal that had manifested in Hel's throne room. From what he could see, it filled with ramblings and secrets, each one calling to him on a personal level.
"Curious parchment. Wonder who made it."

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