Truth #1

JD thought for a moment another surfer? Cool. Looking at Kyle “It was not bad there in San Diego, but Europe was cool there are some nice places in Spain. But here I like Newport beach the best though Huntington beach is not bad ether” commented JD.

He had wondered about Kyle the snob he was at times, but he seemed ok now and could not be all that bad if he surfed. He watched Roses reaction to see what her interest could be in surfing and Kyle. He felt more comfortable now with the group maybe the year would not be so bad after all. He wondered if he should ask Rose if she wanted to try it at the beach party. He decided not this point he had to see Kyle was going to do.

Rose had never been surfing but it had always looked liked fun. She though just listened as Kyle replyed.

"I've not been to Europe but I would assume it would be nice there. " He nodded when JD mentioned Newport Beach. "I'm interested in trying out the waves here."

Sam was listening to this exchange and commented. "I got to go surfing once. Last spring, it was fun." She paused and then asked, directing her question at both JD and Kyle. "How long have both of you been surfing?"

Kyle answered first; this was his chance. "A few years. I had an ex that taught me how to surf." He paused for a moment then said. "He was a really good surfer." There were no mincing words but it was said matter of factly. Kyle took a moment to glance around at the people actually paying attention to the conversation. He felt no need to hide it and the quicker he knew who he could be friends with the better.

Heath and Sam both said nothing for a moment but then seemed to shrug it off as if it was no big deal. He then looked at Rose who took a sip of her drink and then smiled at him. Something unsaid had happened in that moment. She had completely realized that he wasn't interested in her and not in a way that was upsetting. It was fine. It had been a minor crush. She still thought he was good looking and nice but now as a friend.

Rose nodded to him. Then said as if nothing had just happened. "So, am I the only one who has never gone surfing?"

Heath then added. "Maybe. I went with the group that Sam went with."

So, apparently, the small group that Kyle was connecting with didn't care that he was gay. Well, at least Sam, Heath, and even Rose which was a relief. He would just have to see how others reacted to the news.

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