How Things Start

Text Messages: (Closed)

Heath: “Hey, I heard you were seen headed out with Rose and someone else. Something about a hospital? Everything OK?”

Sam: “I can’t get into it but yeah, I think it’ll be fine. The other person was JD. I think you met him at lunch.”

Heath: “It’s fine. I have a guess. Let Rose know she’s covered. I mean dinner will be fine.”

Sam: “We’re going out for dinner but might need back up for breakfast.”

Heath: “I’ll see you then.”

Heath broke off the text with Sam and instantly got another.

Courtney: "Hey, Conner and I are at dinner if you want to join us." (Not thinking Heath knew Jocelyn, she figured they could just meet at dinner.)

Heath: "Sounds good. I’ll be there in a few minutes."

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