Beach Breakfast Club

Courtney said, “Wait here a moment.” She headed to the table that held Jack, Ashley, Justin and Blossom. Once she got there she said. “Mornin’” To everyone at the table. “Is it ok with all of you if Melissa joins us for breakfast?” It was the norm that Courtney and Matt would join that group for breakfast so there was no need to ask that part or if that wasn’t ok, she was certain they would tell her, but Mel wasn’t part of the usual crew. However, she didn’t think any of them had a problem with Melissa, either or at least none that she knew about. If they weren’t alright with it, Courtney would just find some place but else but she really thought it might be good for Melissa to spend time with people that weren’t part of Doug’s group.

Ashley smiled at them and gestured for them to sit with them.

Ashley: Sure no problem. Today we get the whole beach to ourselves since a lot of other left for the Boardwalk.

Justin: Yeah I was thinking of surfing with Kyle again if it works out.

Blossom: I wanted to make a big sandcastle later on if I can.

Ashley: I just want to spend some quality with my Jack.

Ashely had a giddy squeal as she hugged Jack's arm and looked grouchy and sighed. he looked at the others and gave a simple nod before taking another bite of his food. He was hoping to avoid any conversations since he liked being ignored, but Ashley was not going to let that happen as she cuddled with him. Justin then spoke up.

Justin: Did you guys hear that two guys were trying to sneak out to peep on the girls changing last night?

Blossom: What??!!

Ashley: You don't say. How far did they get?

Justin: Coach caught them leaving the beach house so they didn't get far.

Blossom: Thank goodness.

Ashley: They got lucky then. If I caught them it could have ended badly.

Jack shivered at Ashley's comment as he looked down. He was having a flashback to many occasions of being bullied by Ash. He had a look of fear in his eyes as he put on his sunglasses to stare at the beach. Ashley then kissed Jack on the cheek.

Ashley: Only my Jack has the right to peep on me. Right baby?

Jack: Huh? Yeah sure.

Justin: So anything else exciting happen yesterday?


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