The Morning News

Matt saw the gesture. "After you." He said to Mel with a gesture of the hand. Then followed Melissa to table.

Melissa managed to get there in time for Courtney to set up an area with the group that had an area for Mel's injured ankle along with a place for her crutches. Her arm was in a black velcro support type bracing sleeve that started above her elbow and went down the arm forming a support around her wrist and a elbow mostly. It allowed for movement and was clearly for extra support. She had put on her sunglasses by this point but her black eye was covered pretty well by the make up.

Once Mel sat down, Courtney, Matt and Mel heard Justin: Did you guys hear that two guys were trying to sneak out to peep on the girls changing last night?

Blossom: What??!!

Ashley: You don't say. How far did they get?

Justin: Coach caught them leaving the beach house so they didn't get far.

Blossom: Thank goodness.

Ashley: They got lucky then. If I caught them it could have ended badly. ...

Courtney shook her head. "No, I guess I missed that." Last night had been crazy though.

Matt said: "I heard something about it. I wasn't sure if it was true, though."

Kyle had gotten up this morning, managed a shower and a didn't even make it out of the boys guest house when he was stopped by some of the guys. They filled him in on a bunch of stuff from the night before. He continued on and ran into Zander, the two had a brief conversation. Zander let Kyle know he and Dawn were going to breakfast together. And Zander was the one that filled him in on Melissa being injured but not many details.

Kyle eventually did get though the door and was given the offer to first go to the boardwalk by a few of the rich girls. He declined. He then was given the offer to sit with some other girls for breakfast. He politely declined them as well.

After all of this he started to see if he could spot any of the group; Justin in particular. He hadn't gotten very far when he heard. "Good morning." A friendly female voice and one that wouldn't hit on him; which was kind of a relief at the moment

"Hey, Riley." He said to his friend. "I should thank you."

"Thank me for what?" A slight grin fell across her face.

"Like you don't know. For recommending this school." Kyle smiled.

Riley and Kyle had actually known each other for years. They had been neighbors and best friends growing up in LA. Not just that but Kyle's house had been Riley's get away when she couldn't handle her parents any longer. After she started school at Sakura and her aunt took custody they stayed in touch. He even visited her during the time she was on leave from school. So, when Kyle told what had happened in his old school, it was Riley who had suggested Sakura. It helped ease both Kyle and his Dad's mind that she was already a student here.

"Oh, that." She joked with him. "Well, it wasn't completely unselfish on my part. I like having you around."

He laughed. "Fair enough." He liked having her around as well. "So, what are you doing for breakfast?"

"I don't know, yet. I was actually looking for someone." She paused and looked around. "You've not seen Zander any place , have you?"

"He was going out to breakfast with his sister, Dawn." Kyle responded. Did she look ...was that disappointed in that answer? "Why?"

" reason." She almost sang the words.

"Sure. Do you like Zander?" Kyle asked.

"I ... well...he's a nice guy. Why wouldn't I like him. I mean don't you like him." Riley avoided looking at Kyle when she spoke.

"That's not what I meant and you know it." Kyle shook his head.

Riley sighed. "Okay, my answer is maybe. I mean I just met him so I'm not sure yet. What do you know about him?"

"Not much, really. Probably not more than you. He's a nice guy, smart. Oh, I know he's Conner's roommate." Kyle mentioned the roommate part and could see Riley thinking. "What?"

"Nothing." Riley answered. "I'm hungry let's get some food. Oh and Justin and the group are, right over there." She pointed in the direction of the table that held the group.

Kyle and Riley got food and headed to the table. They got their in time to hear Justin's question. Justin: So anything else exciting happen yesterday?

Matt asked Melissa and Courtney: "What do you two want for breakfast?"

Courtney said. "I can help if you want."

Matt shook his head. "No. I've got it." He hadn't missed Courtney looked exhausted and he was going to make her life as easy as possible today. He took their orders said he'd be right back and went to get the food.

Once Matt had gone off; Courtney leaned over and said something only Mel could hear to which Mel nodded and then said something back to her.

In response to Justin's question Courtney said. "Doug got into trouble last night for breaking curfew. He's on restriction."

Melissa saw no reason not to tell them figuring the whole school would know soon enough.

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