On The Spot

"Hey, yeah sure." he said taking to offer, when he sat down and opened his food anyone that knew his usual diet would have been surprised to see two large 'cookies and cream' donuts. Weather it was for those that knew his diet or just the stares at the large amount of sugary food Dante looked up from taking a bite, a small drop of whip cream on his cheek. "What? It's cheat day. Can't not cheat on cheat day, I'd go crazy if I did."

Dante made a moment of eye contact with Mel, but then looked around shifty like he had a secret. "So, did you guys hear what happened before the show?" he asked leaning in.

Jack had a puzzled expression on his face when Dante spoke up. He was wondering if it involved him or not but was hoping it wouldn't since he could feel a cold chill run down his spine when he felt Ashley give him a dark smile. Then Ashley looked at Dante with a hint of sarcasm.

Ashley: I hope this does not have anything to to do with that Roxy girl making eyes at my Jack.

Jack swallowed his food and chocked before he replied.

Jack: (Cough) Ah come on Ash I didn't even know what's her name till I saw her on stage.

Ashley: Then why was she looking in your direction as she sang?

Ashley smiled as she was gently interrogating Jack before everyone.

Jack: I don't know. Maybe it was someone near us.

Ashley: I certainly hope so.

Jack sighed in relief, but then the hairs on the back of his neck began to rise out of fear.

Ashley: Because if its not then we might need to have a heart to heart.

Jack rubbed his temples as he was stressed out.

Jack: Its to early for this. I just want to eat my breakfast.

Then Ashley smiled as she put a doughnut hole in his mouth.

Ashley: Happy now?

Jack nodded yes and sipped his coffee in silence.

Justin: I wouldn't sweat it Ashley. By now most of the school knows how committed you both are.

Ashley: Really?

Blossom: Yeah I hear it from the gossip groups a lot.

Justin: I heard that the school is already taking pictures of couples for the yearbook and your names were already on the list.

Ashley: Oh my. That is so sweet right Jack?

Jack's eyes bulged out and he forced a smile with his mouth full and nodded yes as he was hoping to avoid corporal punishment.

Then Justin gently rubbed his foot across Kyle's foot under the table as he gave him a smirk. He was hoping to let Kyle know he want to hang out later on. Then Blossom got curious so she swallowed her food and spoke up to Dante.

Blossom: So did what happened before the show?


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