Dante Joins the Beach Breakfast Club

Dante had just gotten his breakfast, stacking the two containers on top of each other, and the two small milk bottles on those. Looking like someone who refused to get a shopping cart in a store. When Courtney up to him, he wasn't paying much attention. Nearly dropping his breakfast.

"Hey, " she said to Dante. "Would like to sit over there," pointing to table she had just gotten up from, "with us? I think the more people, that are friends with Mel, being around her today the better." She then added. "In case you hadn't heard Doug got in trouble for missing curfew. He's back at the school confined to the dorms. His entire group went to the boardwalk " Just so Dante knew it was safe to sit with Mel. In case there was any concern on Dante’s part. She figured Dante might be concerned for Mel's sake.

"Hey, yeah sure." he said taking to offer, when he sat down and opened his food anyone that knew his usual diet would have been suprised to see two large 'cookies and cream' cronuts. Weather it was for those that knew his diet or just the stares at the large amount of sugary food Dante looked up from taking a bite, a small drop of whip cream on his cheek. "What? It's cheat day. Can't not cheat on cheat day, I'd go crazy if I did."

Dante made a moment of eye contact with Mel, but then looked around shifty like he had a secret. "So, did you guys hear what happened before the show?" he asked leaning in.

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