The cost of a kiss

Rose and Kaylee used with permission from Cindy.

Once the ride was over. JD helped Rose out of the car and walked towards the exit. Conner got out first as Kaylee stood Conner put his hands around Kaylee's waist and just lifted her out bring her close to him and letting her slide down the front of him embraced by him. Once they got off the ride were told to make their way down the ramp to the exit where they could purchase gifts from the stand. JD and Conner pointed out the pictures from the ride. The pitcher of their faces was classic but not too bad. JD and Conner let the girls pick out the pictures for the keychains and a plushie animal of course that came at a cost of a kiss.

JD started to give a keychain to Rose but stopped and lifted it into the air with a grin. Conner saw what JD was up to and did the same. Conner smiled at Kaylee. JD looks into Rose's eyes romantically. "it will cost you." He said seductively. Conner followed with his charming smile "and what can I exchange this keychain for?" asked Conner talking sweetly to Kaylee.

After the girl's reply, JD and Conner looked at the girl's "So what would you like to do next?" asked the guys.

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