Payment and Others

JD and Conner let the girls pick out the pictures for the keychains and a plushie animal of course that came at a cost of a kiss.

JD started to give a keychain to Rose but stopped and lifted it into the air with a grin. Conner saw what JD was up to and did the same. Conner smiled at Kaylee. JD looks into Rose's eyes romantically. "it will cost you." He said seductively. Conner followed with his charming smile "and what can I exchange this keychain for?" asked Conner talking sweetly to Kaylee.

After the girl's reply, JD and Conner looked at the girl's "So what would you like to do next?" asked the guys.

Rose looked up at the dolphin (there weren't any horses) plushie key chain and the photo keychain she had picked out.

"Hmmm...what can I give you?" Rose slipped her arms around his shoulders, she moved in closer to him and kissed him, deeply.

When they came up for air Rose smiled at him. "How's that?"

Kaylee had chosen a panda for her plushie keychain she jokingly paused for a moment. "I think if you want payment you need to get a little closer to my lips."

When Conner moved she kissed him and wrapped her arms around his waist. And kissed him again. "There you even got a tip." She grinned at him.

The guys asked what the girls wanted to do next and both girls agreed the Ferris wheel sounded good. So, the four of them went off to wait on line for the Ferris wheel.

Sam and Heath made their way to the souvenir shop. They discussed which picture looked better and decided on one. Then Sam choose a black and white cat. Overhearing Conner and JD, Sam grinned and asked Heath. "So, do you want payment?"

Heath smiled, "Well, I'll never turn down that from you."

The two moved off to the side and kissed. Then they wandered off to the Ferris wheel.

Matt jokingly followed Conner and JD's example and held the keychains up but Courtney didn't just have a reach. She played basketball and did hurdles so she could jump. Courtney did just that grabbing the photo keychain and the whale she had picked out. She grinned at Matt and moved away from but they were both track members and she purposely wasn't moving very fast. He caught her; and they laughed and then kissed before going to the Ferris Wheel.

April and Dawn watched all of this while picking their picture. April picked a unicorn plushie keychain and Dawn got a butterfly. As they watched all the couples kissing they quietly said to each other "Monday". Both of them went to get online for the Ferris Wheel.

Zander and Riley chose their picture and Riley picked a tie dye teddy bear. They kissed in the mood of the moment and then wandered off to the Ferris Wheel.

Kyle walked with Justin to the souvenir shop. "Which picture do you like?" Kyle asked Justin. Their pictures had come out pretty well. Once they were done getting their keychains and anything else. Kyle walked with Justin to the Ferris Wheel.

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