Rough Ride

Then over time the line moved on and the group of students were funneled into several lines for each of the carts that held four people. This time Roxy was going to sit by Jack and Ashley was going to sit with Blossom since it was her turn. Jack looked grouchy as the girls seemed excited, especially Blossom who was experiencing the roller coaster for the first time. This was a big deal for the farm girl from Dot, Montana. Once it was their turn Jack and Roxy were in the front and Ashley and Blossom were in the back as they watched everyone get locked in place and the roller coater moved on.

With everyone on the ride the attendant made one last safety check; to make sure everyone was strapped in correctly. Then the ride took off, going around a pretty tame curve, then flat, then up the first hill and down. The car quickly caught speed as it went down the hill. It wasn't the biggest hill they'd go on before the end of the ride but it went almost directly into a curve at the bottom of the hill which surprised a few people on the ride.

Jack was still in a grouchy mood as he wanted the day to be over soon as Roxy held his hand. She was very excited since she loved roller coaster rides and she was rather fond of Jack despite his grouchy mood. Ashley sucked her teeth as she knew Roxy was enjoying her time by Jack's side even it it was on a roller coaster. But since the Ferris wheel was next she insisted on cuddle time with her Jack. Blossom was a bit amused seeing Jack being so popular.

Then the roller coater started slow with the hissing of the air brakes as it slowly moved up the long hill part. Then once they were at the top Roxy gave Jack a naughty smile as she put her hand on his thigh and moved up till she had his full attention. Poor Jack was unable to respond as the roller coaster gained speed at the drop off and the air was full of screams from the passengers. Roxy was being mischievous as she held onto her prize firmly. All Jack could do was hold on for dear life as he trapped on the roller coaster with the vixen next to him. Many fearful thoughts ran through his mind as he was afraid what Ashley would do if he soiled himself. He had to endure the ride to the best of his ability.

Meanwhile Ashley and Blossom were having fun as Blossom was screaming from the rush of the ride. She found it exciting and new unlike back home. Ashley on the other hand did love the rush of the ride as she held hands with her friend Blossom. The two were completely oblivious of the actions of the two in front of them.

The roller coaster had many twists and turns as it went up and down some hills to keep the passengers screaming. Then was the ride was coming to an end the camera flashed several times to capture the experience of the passengers on the ride. This of course would be available at the end of the ride at a small booth where souvenirs could be purchased. The pictures would be put into a clear key chain picture frame for fun. Of course not every picture was of high quality since some passengers were making embarrassing faces or closed their eyes. Naturally this meant they would have to ride it again to pose properly. The souvenir shop also offered several other items to commemorate the event.

Once the ride was over Roxy released little Jack and kissed his hand as she winked at him to keep it a secret. Once they got off the ride the passengers were told to make their way down the ramp to the exit where they could purchase gifts from the stand. Naturally the girls wanted a picture of them on the ride. Luckily the picture of them did not reveal what Roxy was up to with Jack in the cart, however Jack did look scared as Roxy looked happy and in the back Blossom and Ashley were also laughing. So as Ashley was about to buy the four keychains, Roxy paid for them first and winked at her. So to not get outdone again, Ashley bought four small keychain plushies (around 6 in size) in size for them. Ashley picked the wolf plushie, Roxy picked the fox plushie, Blossom picked the bunny plushie and Jack got the shark plushie. Once they were done with their purchases they looked to see where the others were and if they were ready to make their way to the Ferris wheel.


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