Ups and Downs

* JD and Conner used with permission from Redsword.

April and Dawn fell in line behind Ash, Roxy, Jack and Blossom. April was more nervous than Dawn about going on the rollercoaster but it wasn't her first one.

When no one was looking Justin would playfully nuzzle up by Kyle's shoulder and when he felt brave rub his fingers on Kyle's hand.

Kyle smiled at Justin and walked with him to get on line.

Kaylee walked hand in hand with Conner to the line with Matt and Courtney in front of them. Rose and JD, then Sam and Heath.

Kaylee would have been happy with the front car but the way things ended up, she and Conner were more in middle. It was fine. She only really cared about sitting with Conner at this point.

Rose and JD got on and strapped in. JD gave Rose some instructions on raising her arms up at certain times. She felt like a novice, it was maybe an odd thing that she had never been on a rollercoaster considering she had lived in an area where amusement parks and boardwalks weren't unusual but she hadn't.

With everyone on the ride the attendent made one last safety check; to make sure everyone was strapped in correctly. Then the ride took off, going around a pretty tame curve, then flat, then up the first hill and down. The car quickly caught speed as it went down the hill. It wasn't the biggest hill they'd go on before the end of the ride but it went almost directly into a curve at the bottom of the hill which surprised a few people on the ride.

Rose had raised her arms as JD had instructed on the first hill. He was right and that had been fun.

Kaylee and Conner raised one arm each, as they went down the hill. Kaylee smiled at Conner, right before they went down the hill as she gently touched the middle of Conner's thigh. It wasn't maybe the best ride for making out in but certainly some people would try.

Sam and Heath kissed as they reached the top of the hill. Courtney and Matt did the same. All four of them had been on plenty of rollercoasters well enough that they weren't particularly nervous about this one.

Zander and Riley had talked in the line, where they fell in behind Sam and Heath, about former rollercoaster experiences. They both had been on them before though Zander had actually been on a few more than Riley. The first hill was fun and they kept holding hands through the hill and around the curve.

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