Roller Coaster of Love

Courtney glanced towards Blossom; then just as quietly said. "I'm not sure Blossom is that into Conner any longer. I don't know what changed...I mean besides the makeover...but it seems like something has. As for Conner and Kaylee; I actually think they just might know exactly what they are doing."

Matt nodded. "I suppose so. As long as no one gets hurt; it's good."

Courtney agreed and the two kissed, once more

Poor Jack rubbed his sore red neck that was recovering from Roxy's tight embrace. Then he rubbed his sore red left arm from Ashley's tight squeeze. He wanted to got back to his dorm and sleep the day away, but he knew they would not let him as he sighed. Once the group decided on the roller coaster he winced a bit and his eye twitched a bit. Roxy then took his left arm and locked it with her right arm as she squeezed her cleavage into his arm to win him over with her feminine charms. Of course Ashley was not letting that go unchallenged as she did the same on his right arm. Jack was not caught in their booby trap and was torn by the sweet fluffiness and the fear of losing both arms in a moments notice. Then Ashley used her free hand to hold Blossom's hand so they would not leave her out. Blossom snickered at Jack's expression as he was in a tight spot.

Kyle stayed near Justin as they made their way to the coaster. He glanced up at the rollercoaster. It was clearly one of the older ones, probably wooden, with lots of hills, declines and curves. Rock music blared from speakers and lights lit up the name. "Thunderbolt" which seemed to indicate a much more heart racing ride than this probably was. There was a plaque that talked about the history of Thunderbolt. How it was built originally in the 1930's and so on. Still it looked like fun.

When no one was looking Justin would playfully nuzzle up by Kyle's shoulder and when he felt brave rub his fingers on Kyle's hand.

The song blaring on the speakers over and over was a classic from AC/DC.
Theme Song

The walk was not to far from the roller coaster which did have a line to wait on. This only made things far worse for Jack since he had to endure the hateful stares from the single guys passing by. He could feel their hissing jealousy seething from their teeth and green eyed glares. Of course they would not be so hateful if they knew both of the girls clinging to Jack were carrying baggage that was ten times their weight. So needless to say Jack was still torn by their affections while trying to hide his waist level salute and his fear that showing favor to either of them at the wrong time would result in more pain and suffering. This only made the waiting in the line more awkward.

Jack noticed the others in their group seemed to be pairing off more now. He found this annoying since it would only add fuel to the fire. He wondered if Conner holding hands with Kaylee would be a big deal but she seemed to ignore it so he was relieved that Ashley would not attack him in public. He also noticed that Kyle and Justin were acting very playful while trying to act mellow about it. It was obvious they were into each other and worried how others would see them. He didn't care either way since it was not his job and Justin could live his life the way he wanted as long as it didn't interfere with his life.

Then over time the line moved on and the group of students were funneled into several lines for each of the carts that held four people. This time Roxy was going to sit by Jack and Ashley was going to sit with Blossom since it was her turn. Jack looked grouchy as the girls seemed excited, especially Blossom who was experiencing the roller coaster for the first time. This was a big deal for the farm girl from Dot, Montana. Once it was their turn Jack and Roxy were in the front and Ashley and Blossom were in the back as they watched everyone get locked in place and the roller coater moved on.


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