Decisions and Surprises

Ashley smiled at Rose as she nodded.

Ashley: Jack just got a bit overwhelmed by our panic.

Roxy was red with embarrassment as she replied.

Roxy: I'm so sorry Jack. I panicked when the roaches came out. I can't deal with them.

Blossom: It was very scary.

Ashely: Jack was brave as he took one for the team to calm us down.

Blossom then smiled at the others as she was a bit red as well.

He then looked up at Rose and asked her a question.

Jack: Please tell me we are not doing anymore haunted rides.

It really wasn't up to Rose what they did next but she nodded to Jack. "I think that's the only haunted ride here."

Justin: I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. So what are we doing next?

Dawn had mentioned the rollercoaster and everyone seemed good with that. Well, almost everyone. Rose said nothing at first and just gave a slight nod.

JD leaned over some putting his head next to hers and kissed her on the cheek. "We don't have to do the rollercoaster if you think it will be to much." JD said softly in her ear.

Rose stood back a little with JD as the group walked slightly ahead of them. She looked at the rollercoaster. The sounds of people screaming riding on it could be heard. It didn't have any loops which would have been a clear no. But she wasn't sure if it was ok for her to go on.

"I don't really know. This is going to, probably, sound strange but I've never been on a rollercoaster of any kind. I haven't been to many places like this before. I don't have any way to know how it'll be."

Sam noticed Rose and JD weren't with the group and she asked Heath. "Have you been on this?"

Heath nodded, "Yes, it's not that bad. Kind of like a fast car on a hilly, kind of curvy road."

Sam, with Rose's permission, had told Heath about Rose's accident. "I don't think Rose knows if she can do this."

Heath looked towards Rose and JD, he took Sam's hand and the two walked back to Rose and JD.

"Rose, have you been to the Ellenville overlook in NY? You know how curvy and hilly that road is? It's like that but taken faster. I'd guess the fastest it gets is 65 miles per hour, if that." Heath explained

Rose had said she was familiar with the road in NY and while no one took the road that fast it did give her an idea. "Thanks" she said to Heath.

Heath nodded and then he and Sam wandered off to meet the rest of the group.

Rose said to JD. "It should be fine. I really need to avoid ones likeā€¦" she glanced around the park and pointed out a ride that was one loop in which the car went around and around very fast. "That or the tall tower ride that drops fast. Things like that. But the roller coaster sounds ok. I'm just a little nervous about it.

Taking JD's hand she gave him a short kiss before starting to wander back by the group.

Kaylee was excited to go on the next ride. She was all for the high action rides but she also realized those could come later. The roller coaster would be fun.

before Conner realized he had reached for Kaylee's hand He tried to hold it interlacing his fingers with hers.

Unexpectedly and suddenly Conner's hand had reached hers and their fingers intertwined. She took a breath and for a moment almost didn't believe it had happened. Kaylee subtly looked down at their hands and up at Conner. She said nothing but bit back a small smile and took a breath. Kaylee had no idea what would happen now but she was beyond glad this had happened.

The group was now gathering at the rollercoaster and starting to get on line. Kaylee looked at Conner. "I'm ready, if you are."

Kyle stayed near Justin as they made their way to the coaster. He glanced up at the rollercoaster. It was clearly one of the older ones, probably wooden, with lots of hills, declines and curves. Rock music blared from speakers and lights lit up the name. "Thunderbolt" which seemed to indicate a much more heart racing ride than this probably was. There was a plaque that talked about the history of Thunderbolt. How it was built originally in the 1930's and so on. Still it looked like fun.

As predicted, April, who read the entire plaque, stayed with Dawn. Zander, who chose to do the Ferris wheel after the rollercoaster, with Riley.

Courtney kissed Matt and then looked up to spot Kaylee and Conner holding hands. She gently nugged Matt.

Matt looked for a moment then quietly said so only Courtney could hear. "Yeah, I know Conner won't let anything happen to my sister but I hope they know what they are doing "

Courtney glanced towards Blossom; then just as quietly said. "I'm not sure Blossom is that into Conner any longer. I don't know what changed...I mean besides the makeover...but it seems like something has. As for Conner and Kaylee; I actually think they just might know exactly what they are doing."

Matt nodded. "I suppose so. As long as no one gets hurt; it's good."

Courtney agreed and the two kissed, once more.

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