JD's worries. Conner's hart

(After the Hunted house ride)

With everyone off the haunted house ride, JD's head was still whirling from Rose and their time on the Ride. JD was not paying attention to what was going on. JD was looking around for what could be next. then her hard Rose talking

Rose then asked. “What does everyone think?’

Kaylee, Sam, Heath, and Kyle all said they’d be good with the rollercoaster. The thing unsaid was whether everyone in the group was up for that or if some might need something calmer for the next ride.

JD's Looked at Sam and remembered what she had said to him about Rose and her physical condition. JD eyed the rollercoaster. He was not sure of that ride and how Rose would do on it. He looked at the others and sighed. JD standing behind Rose with his arms around her shoulders. he looked at her neckline and wanted to kiss it. He almost felt like a vampier wanting more of her neck.

JD leaned over some putting his head next to hers and kissed her on the cheek. "We don't have to do the rollercoaster if you think it will be to much." JD said softly in her ear.


Conner was standing next to Kaylee and others. his breathing had slowed down from the makeout session Conner and Kaylee had. Conner wanted so much to wrap his arms around her and pull her in close. He would settle for just standing next to her for now. He had decided to go on whatever ride she would go on. Conner thought for a moment he would take Kaylee's hand and lead to the next ride. He looked over to Blossom who seemed happy to be there with everyone. Blossom had in the past looked at Conner when Conner looked at her. This time she seem to be interested in what Rose and others were doing. The fact she was with Roxy and they looked like they had fun on the ride. Blossom did not look disappointed.

Conner looked down thinking. He wondered if he had waited too long before deciding on Blossom and Kaylee. maybe Blossom had lost interest or did she hear about the Friday night with Kaylee somehow. This was driving Conner crazy. he would have to test the waters or he was going to go crazy Conner has never held back before. So many things were racing through his mind about this situation. then he before Conner realized he had reached for Kaylee's hand He tried to hold it interlacing his fingers with hers.

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