Melissa, Elena and Lance

Jp with Redsword

Lance and Elena were by the pond thinking of what they would like to do. It was nice and Elena did not want to be indoors all day. They went through some ideas. Checking their phones and texting people to see what everyone was doing. Coming up with a few ideas. Elena started to see who was around. She came across Melissa. She was in her room Elena thought. She gave her a quick text then Elena gave Lance a kiss.

"Let's go see Melissa or I will and see if she would like to go out." Suggested Elena.

Lance smiled, "Why not." replied Lance. They walked holding hands back to the dorms.

Melissa had gotten a text from Carter saying he was filling in working at the boardwalk for a friend of his today, 1/2 a day. Part of her wished she could see him in his mascot outfit. However, going to the boardwalk was tricky as she was still on crutches.

She knew a few people had gone to the boardwalk today as part of a party. Not that she could really hang out with them anyway. Doug was likely to find out.

Doug was still on restriction and confined to his room. His texts had gotten tense or more tense. He kind of was starting to sound like an addict who needed a fix. She didn't know what to think of that.

Doug's group had all gone out. Melissa assumed they must have thought that Carter was going to be with her. Carter had managed to fool Doug and his group and Melissa was grateful for that.

She decided to go to the rec room with the snack bar, pool tables and other such things to see if anyone was around.

When she got there though it was fairly empty. She got herself a soda, took a seat, put her ear buds in and played some music as she scrolled through Tik-tok.

She looked up to see Elena approaching her. Pausing the music, Melissa pulled the ear buds out and gave the other girl a small smile with a nod towards Lance.

"Hi," Melissa greeted. She was surprised that Elena was coming to talk to her but she also knew enough to be polite and friendly to the other girl; if it got back to Doug that she hadn't been there would be hell to pay.

Elena walked up with a big warm smile. "Hey girl, what's going on? I was wondering if you wanted to get out of this place and hang with Lance and me?" Elena wondered how Mel was feeling and if she was up to it?

Getting out of there sounded good and Mel knew Doug would be fine with her hanging out with Lance and Elena.

"Ok, but are you sure I won't be a third wheel?" Melissa asked, just to be sure. Once Elena answered, Mel added. "What'd you have in mind?"

Elena gave a crafty smile "Why you need a new guy or you could just join in?" She sounded like she was joking or maybe not. "Well not sure what to do. Have any ideas of something you would like to do? We have Lance and his car, so anything within 3 hours." Elena said sitting next to Mel.

Melissa shook her head and breathed a slight laugh. "I don't know enough about what's around here to have an idea. I can't do much walking though. Do you think Lance might have an idea?" She paused, pulled out her phone and put in two quick texts. "We can maybe decide on the way to the car." As she started to grab her crutches to stand her phone buzzed. She looked at the text, frowned slightly and then made her way to standing. Grabbing her cup so she could throw it out. "I'm ready."

Elena jumps up, "Ok, let's go. Hay I know a really good place, The Caramel Cafe, by the beach we could start there. Besides, we can check out the surfer guys." Elena said with a smile walking next to Mel.

"That sounds good," Melissa had gotten pretty adapt at using the crutches but it still took her slightly longer to get places than walking. She made her way with Elena to Lance.

Lance was sitting on a bench as the girls walked out. He smiled, "I see you brought a friend. Where to ladies?" He asked. Elena smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"The Caramel Cafe" said Elena.

Elena and Lance walked on both sides of Mel to the car; a Dodge charger. Lance opens the door for Mel.

Melissa thanked Lance for opening the door and got in the car and sat down. Doug also had a nice car but, to be honest, this was just a little bit nicer and Melissa wondered if it made Doug jealous. Still and gratefully, Doug wasn't here though.

Mel did wonder a little about Elena and Lance inviting her. She was almost certain neither were spies for Doug but she still couldn't figure out why they wanted to spend time with her. It wasn't that they had done anything to Mel to make her question their motives, it was just Doug had made her suspicious of a number of people.

Lance did help Mel if she needed it. After everyone was in the car roared to life. "So Mel, have you been to The Caramel Cafe?" Elena asked her.

Lance smiled, "Well it is on me I guess." He said putting on some music.

"No, I've not gotten a chance to check out many places off campus yet." Which was true. Outside of the occasional trips to get her alone Doug had barely taken her anywhere. Carter and her had gotten coffee the other day but it was a different place. She didn't think it would seem strange because it was still new in the school year. When Lance said it was on him, that also surprised Mel. "Thanks but you don't have to do that."

Lance smiled, "It's no big deal. But I am surprised that Doug has not brought you to the Caramel Cafe. He can be weird." said Lance.

Elena gave Lance a stern look and lightly punched him in the arm, Really Lance?" said Elena.

Lance just smiled "Ok, ok, sorry." replied Lance.

Elena looked at Mel, "Boys, why do we girls have to teach them to be nice." Elena half joked.

Doug could be weirder than most people knew but it wasn't as if Melissa could say that. So, she just smiled and gave a breath of a laugh.

Getting to the cafe didn't take that long and soon enough they were pulling into a parking space.

Lance was the first to get out, to help Elena then Mel out of the car. They walked through the entrance. The place was busy but not too bad. Mel was led by Lance and Elena to a table by the beach. After they sat, a waitress approached them and asked what they would like to drink, giving the special's of the day.

The cafe was nice, European looking, and being on the beach gave it a special atmosphere. Being from Seattle she had been to a number of different coffee shops but this one had a unique quality. Mel listened to the specials and ordered a black and white mocha.

Lance ordered a green Ice tea and Elena ordered a cappuccino and a few slices of lemon, strawberry, and cinnamon swirl cake slices.

Elena looked at Mel as the waitress left. "We don't get to talk much so where are you from or grew up? What do you like to do?" Elena asked with soncer interest.

"I'm from Seattle," Melissa answered. She wasn't going to get into her childhood. What did she like to do? Why was that a hard question? Maybe, because her former hobbies were things like partying and Doug didn't leave her much time for pursuing new things. "Well, you already know about music and cheerleading. I don't really have a lot of other hobbies. I do enjoy trying new things though."

Melissa then, if the information wasn't just offered, returned the question. "Where are both of you from?"

Elena smiled. I was born in England. but grew up all over the world. My father was in the Navy and an officer," she says almost proudly. My father runs a company for the government I think. We live just outside of the city. I have to try to get all the cheer team over one day." she said with a smile. Elena, being born in England, Mel could pick up on the accent now and then.

Lance looked at the two girls, "Lincoln, Nebraska, my father was a professional football player. Now is a Defensive coach for the 49's." He said to Mel.

A waiter walks up giving them their drinks and cakes.

Lance takes a drink of his tea, "That is how I am here, in California."

Mel sipped her coffee as Lance spoke and nodded. "My mom is a cardiologist and my Dad is the Chief of Staff at Seattle General Hospital."

Melissa didn't know how much she could say. After all she didn't trust most people and while she did have an outgoing side, Doug had all but wiped that part of her away.

Safe topics, thinking for a moment, "Do either of you have siblings?" Melissa asked.

Lance answered, "No, an only child. That I know of." He said with a grin. "My dad met my mom after graduation and I hear he was quite the partyer in school."

Elena thought, "Well, yes, a brother he is in the Navy at the Academy. Right now he is in his first year." Elena wanted Mel to feel relaxed around her and she had nothing to worry about. Elena knew Mel was somewhat guarded but not sure why. It was not that she was shy but something else.

"So, you have brothers or sisters Mel?" She paused thinking then smiled. "that does not include pets," asked Elena.

Mel smiled at the quip. "I have a brother and sister, both older. My sister's in an early college program at Seattle University. My brother's a junior in high school. "

Melissa realized it might sound odd she was the only one in boarding school but maybe they wouldn't ask or maybe she could come up with something, not a lie, but only part of the truth.

Lance sits back with his drink, "This is my first boarding school. How about you? Sometimes I feel it's a trined nowadays. I don't think too many people are like Rose. Who, from what I know, has been in them for a long time." said Lance taking a piece of cake.

Elena opened her mouth to say something then stopped and smiled. "I know this is out of nowere. But if you need anything we are here to help you, I and Lance. You don't have to keep going to the Scholarship kids for help. Lance gave a nod in approval.

Melissa took another sip of her coffee. "It's my first one as well. I went to a private all girls school before coming here." As for Rose, "Doug said something about thinking Rose had been in them for a few years as well."

Melissa was glad she wasn't drinking anything when Elena mentioned coming to them if she needed anything or she might have spit it out. "I..I'll remember that." She paused and perhaps there was something. "Well, there is something you could clear up for me. If its ok that I ask. Why is there such a divide in the school? My last school had scholarship students but they weren't hated because of it." No every student hated her instead but, of course, Melissa wasn't going to say that.

Lance looked at his tea then at Melissa, "It started four years ago the school started to give scholarships. Since then things have just seemed downhill. Now we can't do half the things we use to. They come with an attitude, all entitled. When all they got was a handout. They belong in a public school instead of dragging our school down." Lance said with some superiority.

Elena looked at Lance,"Now Lance be nice. There should be some division. Just like Officers and Enlisted in the military. So they know where they belong. Working for pepole like us," said Elena sitting back sipping her drink.

Well, that certainly explained a few things. It explained why Doug was friends with them. They sounded just like him when talking about the scholarship students. Like privileged snobs. She was certain now, if they really knew about her background, her former school, living on the farm with her biological father, all the other stuff they would never be friends with her.

"Oh, ok," she nodded, doing an excellent fake smile and sipping her coffee. "I guess I can understand that."

Melissa was lying, acting might have been a good word for it. She had years of practice with it and was good at it when she had to be. She felt very much like this needed to be a good performance.

"So, what else do you both like to do. Other than cheerleading and football." Good time to switch subjects and so she did.

Elena stared at Mel for a second. "Well, like most teens. Sex drugs and rock and roll." She said then laughed. "Lance and I like drives along the coast, the beach when we have the time. Coming here and just relaxing. sometimes sitting in the car and just listening to music or at a park." She said taking a piece of one of the cakes.

Lance smiles at Elena "She covered it. Going to a trying new nice restaurants." added Lance. "What do you like to do?" asked Lance.

Mel laughed a little at the joke. "Good restaurants are always nice to go to. I spend a lot of my free time though in music room. Practicing. I think that's the main thing." Not that she had much free time but she tend to find herself in the music room a bit. "I do like going to good movies in theaters."

Elena got kind of excited. "You were so good at the beach party. I hope to see more of you on stage, singing."

Lance smiled, "You did look good up there I hope to see more too." He said then took a bite of his cake.

"Thanks," she smiled. That was nice to hear. "Well, I'll perform again when I get a chance. Maybe, next time I'll play the guitar instead." She commented.

Her phone vibrated but when she flipped it and saw who it was she ignored it. It vibrated again. She had already texted Doug before they left to say where she was going but he insisted on texting her anyway.

If she was with Carter; Doug would have texted Carter. It had become a ritual almost. But right now she just was expecting an unpleasant phone call from Doug later and a lot of esclating texts.

However what happened next even Mel couldn't have expected. She heard Lance's phone vibrate. Her mind knew who it was but at the same time she couldn't believe it.

Lance pulled out his phone from his back pocket.

Text: Doug: Hey. Just checking to see if Mel's there. Being she's injured I just wanted to make sure she's ok.

"Mel, Doug really cares for you. He just asked if you are ok." said Lance.

He texts back to Doug.

Text: The time of her life. She is fine. Just me, Elena and Mel. Having a drink and cake.

Damn, Doug was being sly about it. Melissa knew he was texting Lance to check up on her but covered well, apparently.

"Oh," She found a smile and went back into acting mode. "That's nice to know."

Apparently, whatever Lance texted back to Doug got the texts to stop for the moment. Mel took a bite of cake and drank more of her coffee. "So, what else is interesting to do here. I know about the boardwalk but what else?"

Lance thought for a moment, "Ok beach, the Fun park, there is an amusement park about two hours away, horseback riding, mountains, parks, malls, most things in a big city. You can just look at the city app it tells you everything within two hours," said Lance.

Elena thought too, "and some nice spays too but the app covers more," she suggested.

Melissa nodded. It sounded like a lot to do. Not really more than Seattle but certainly some things were different. She wondered if the school ever did trips to LA or anything. Melissa knew the school was about an an hour and 1/2 from LA because she had looked it up before every coming here..

Melissa really didn't know what else to ask them. She was trying to avoid topics that might bring up questions she herself didn't want to answer. "Well, I'm hoping there might be another beach party before the end of the year. That was fun. Seattle beaches are different and not on the ocean."

Lance gave a chuckle, "I wish we had beach parties every weekend. We do have LA near But I don't go there much." He said taking more cake.

Elena said, "I have spent some time shopping there but been in San Diego more," she took a drink. "Maybe we should plan a trip to LA for a day. What do you think Mel?" she asked.

"That would be fun," Melissa said. She drank the last of her coffee. She knew that wasn't happening without Doug but it still sounded fun. "The shopping must be nice there but it'd be great to see the sites."

She wasn't that into shopping but LA shopping was world famous which made it a different experience. Truthfully the sites seemed more interesting to her.

Elena gave a crafty smile. "Maybe even ditch the boys. Could take the whole cheer team and some other girls and have a girls day out."

Lance frowned, "Oh, I see how it is. Maybe the guys will go do our own thing," he said then smiled and winked at Mel.

Melissa smiled, Elena and Lance seemed nice enough but she knew there was that other side. She just couldn't excately get past what they had said earlier but of course none of that showed.

"Well, it would be interesting." Mel wondered how that would work with all the scholarship and rich cheerleaders intermingled.They got along alright for cheerleading but outside of that it seemed liked they barely associated or at least that how it seemed. "Would all the cheerleaders be good with that?"

Elena pauses, "Don't know do they have a choice? " Then she gives a light evil laugh.

Lance laughs some too, "I think most girls want to go shopping. Sometimes I think thats their goto word," says Lance.

Mel nodded, with a slight laugh. She had wondered how Lance and Elena had ended up with such clout among the rich kids. There were kids with more money and in the upper grades that didn't have that clout but she was starting to understand.

"I suppose that's true." Speaking of shopping, "Are you going on the shopping trip on Monday?" It was more a question to Elena but the guys had there trip as well so Lance could also answer.

"Yes, I am not that I need to but I like to have some new things and impress the guys. I do need a few accessories," said Elena sounding almost entitled and her British accent comes out a little more.

Lance eyes her,"to impress the guys? What am I?" He asks with a playful smile.

Elena looks at Lance with a seductive look, "and you too, I am all yours."

Melissa just sat back a little and watched the interaction between Elena and Lance it was sweet really and made her kind of sad. She had never had a guy treat her like that. Melissa figured when she got out from under Doug she'd just not date anyone else seriously, it seemed to be safer. Maybe she'd just would leave the dating for others.

Keeping the smile on face, "I might buy a dress for it. I have some I could wear but not sure I want to wear any of those."

"Girl, that's how I feel. Besides I like to go look anyways." replied Elena.

"See, there we go again, shopping," says Lance with a laugh.

Mel smiled and the rest of the time was spent with light conversation topics. They spent enough time together and then headed back to the school. Melissa thanked Lance for the coffee and dessert and Elena for inviting her then she went up to her dorm room to deal with texting Doug; she didn't want to but knew she had to.

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