Balloons and New Ideas

Carter had gotten a text yesterday from a friend asking if he could take his 1/2 day shift at the boardwalk. Carter hadn't done it often but he had filled in for this friend on on occasion or two. It wasn't bad, he just had to spend time as the shark mascot. The boardwalk had a few mascots, sea creatures. A whale, dolphin, octopus, those kind of things.

He had talked to Mel to make sure she'd be ok but she had told him it should be fine. It was only a few hours and Doug was confined to his room so there was no concern on that part.

So, Carter has agreed to help out his friend and had now been dressed in a sharks outfit walking around handing out the random balloon to people, mostly kids. He had gotten to the area by the Ferris Wheel and spotted Blossom. To say that maybe there wasn't a slight ulterior motive in him taking the job would have been a lie. He had remembered she'd be here and was hoping to, at least, to get to say hi to her. It was just that simple nothing else to it.

In his shark outfit he caught up to her right before she inline and handed her a purple balloon. Then wandered off.

His shift was done so he got changed and quickly checked his phone. Mel apparently had gone out ....he was a little surprised to see who with but he knew she was safe and not sitting at the school alone. So, that was perfect he grabbed two more balloons in the two other colors he had been giving out blue and green and found Blossom online for the Ferris Wheel but at the end of the line.

He smiled at her and handed her the two other balloons. "I thought you might want the other colors. I couldn't talk to you in the shark's outfit; the management frowns upon it." He paused for a moment. "I'm free for the rest of the day though...if you'd like some company?" She didn't have to say yes but he was hoping she would. He had a wristband already as it was given to him for working there for the day.

The line was longer than for the other two rides the group had already gone through. A few people had gotten waters but most were waiting on buying snacks.

Heath and Sam kissed. Sam though seemed to be thinking about something.

"Something wrong?" Heath wondered.

Sam shook her head, "Not really. I was just thinking about Rose's birthday." Rose and JD weren't standing near them so it was safe to discuss this. "I mean I feel a little bad I can't give something equivalent in return even though I know she doesn't care about stuff like that."

Heath raised a brow, "I don't think anyone is expecting you to do an equivalent to this. But if you and JD plan something and I have my money by then I'll certainly chip in to help. There might be others that will as well."

Sam smiled and kissed him, "I hate asking people for money."

"I know, " Heath said, "but it's not for you it's for Rose."

Courtney and Matt were next to Sam and Heath and had been preoccupied but Matt overheard the for Rose part and asked, "What's going on?"

Heath explained, "Oh, I was just saying that if Sam and JD planned something out for Rose's birthday I was pretty sure, with this group, some people would chip in."

Without hesitation Matt said, "Of course, well I know Kaylee and I would. I'm pretty sure you just have to ask some of the others."

Sam nodded, "Thanks. I'll let you know when a plan has been decided."

Courtney had spotted Blossom and Carter, the balloons had caught her eye and she was starting to piece things together.

April and Dawn and Zander and Riley were standing near each other talking about what to do after the Ferris Wheel. The debate was between snacks and another ride.

Kyle smiled as he looked at the giraffes and then flirted subtly with Justin when no one was looking. He'd do what Justin was comfortable with and not try to push anything.

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