The Move

"Come in girls," Dr. Sydney Williams, held open the door to her office.

It had reached Thursday and April and Dawn had decided to finally let the administration know about their dating status. They went inside and took seats as Sydney sat behind her desk.

"Now, what can I do for both of you." The doctor asked.

"We've recently started dating and are roommates." Dawn spoke up.

"I see," Dr. Williams remarked, "And you need to split up as roommates in order to not be breaking the rules.

Sydney didn't know how long the two girls had been actually dating and didn't ask, it wasn't really much of a concern now.

"We figured out how to do this," April commented, and pulled out a piece of paper, handing it to the doctor who looked it over.

Once Sydney was certain she understood the paper, she asked, "And everyone involved is in agreement?"

"Yes," Dawn responded, and both girls nodded.

"Okay, then I'll get the paperwork through. You can move this afternoon. Don't wait though, the school is a stickler for the students being in their assigned rooms," Dr. Williams added.

With that done the girls left her office.

"Here you keep this, I have an extra one," Kaylee said to her current roommate, Maureen, as she packed up and the coffee pot had been decided on.

A short move, Kaylee was moving in with Dawn. April was moving in with Riley. Riley's roommate, Denise, was moving to Kaylee's old room with Maureen. As it turned out, Denise and Maureen had been best friends since Kindergarten and more than happy to make the switch.

So, with everything packed, and some extra help from some of the girls on their floor, the great move of the year began.

About two hours later, everyone was moved and getting settled in.

April being shy, was glad she got someone she already knew. Riley and her got along rather well. Riley did her best to make the girl feel welcomed.

Kaylee and Dawn instantly started talking as neither of them were introverted in the slightest.

Success, as the girls all settled into their new arrangements.

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