Is it true?

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It was after class and a small group of girls had got together for some coffee after class. It was a peaceful after early evening. That is until the girls heard a door open semi-violently from across the quad, the heavy metal door hitting its stop. Not doing any damage to the door. Across the way the girls could see a short blonde looking around frantic, and seemingly winded. Until her eyes fell on the small group. She ran over, and once she approached they could finally see who it was. A winded Jocelyn wheezed slightly holding her hand against her throbbing heard. "Is it true?" she asked giving zero context.

Dawn, April and Riley had taken the opportunity to get together over coffee and discuss nothing important for a change.

The sound of the door opening caught their attention, though none could make out the reason why or who had come out from that door.

Not until she approached, that was. A very winded Jocelyn, asking a question none of them completely understood.

"Is what true?" Riley inquired, while the others waited on a reply from Jocelyn.

Jocelyn tried to catch her breath. "About tall guys." she said.

She saw their look of continued confusion. "See I was talking to Julie last period, and she asked if I was really going to the dance with Dante." she explained. "I told her yeah, why?" she went on. "And she said "Good luck, you know what they say about tall guys with big hands." Jocelyn explained. "I didn't so I said no, then she held her arm near her crotch and made a horse sound. I'm not stupid I caught the meaning but is that true?" she asked. "Should I be worried? I mean look where we are I don't expect 'that' to happen, but..." she trailed off suddenly embarrassed about even asking something so stupid. "I'm sorry. That's weird. I guess she just got in my head about it." Jocelyn looked down. "I've never been this close to a boy before so I'm just trying to not screw something up or freak out and all."

April's mouth fell open, she wasn't that innocent but the topic caught her off guard.

Dawn and Riley looked at each other and shook their heads.

Dawn said, "I've heard that, as well but not like I've ever asked."

"I've heard that as well but I doubt it's anything you need to worry about." Riley realized that came out wrong. "Sorry, what I mean is I don't see Dante as pressuring you into anything. But no, your question isn't weird. I think every girl has wondered about it."

Melissa was late but arrived at the table and sat down. "What's going on?"

Riley looked at Jocelyn, "Are you okay with asking her?"

Jocelyn gave a shrug. "Sure..." she said. "Julie told me tall guys with big hands have big." she coughed. "You know whats."
"Is that true or is she messing with me because of Dante?" She asked

Melissa bit her tongue, and grinned a bit. "Yes, it's true but my guess is she's also messing with you. You need though to look at the size of their fingers, in particular the ring finger. The longer one is, the bigger their... You know.""

She didn't bother explaining how she knew the answer not until Dawn asked, "How could you possibly know that?"

"I just do," Mel winked and then grinned at the stunned looked at their faces. "My parents are doctors, and they are more than willing to answer questions or direct me to where I can find the answer."

Melissa paused then added, "Why are we discussing this? Oh, wait is this because of Dante?"

Jocelyn nodded. "Rumor mill got around to people knowing Dante is taking me to the dance and she's just like 'good luck, big hands big...." she trailed off. "and like I know one in a million billion. But..." she paused again. "I don't want to be like 'JESUS!' and be a spaz, and freak him out." she looked around. "Don't tell him we talked about this."

The girls all nodded in unison.

"Of course not," Riley said. "Do you want to join us, maybe get a coffee or something?"

Jocelyn checked her phone, then her bag. "Sure I can stay awhile."

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