Its Time To Get Things Started

Before Friday came about the students were full of energy, be it planning for the dance, looking for a date, finding the perfect outfit, making memories with friends, or stirring up trouble. Some students had it hard since they were seen as second class students while others went about their daily lives. Now granted there was a lot of drama circling the school with the snobs picking on the scholarship students on top of the everyday drama the students hyped up. Ironically Nancy was loving this as she was filling up her school paper with lots of gossip on the online paper.

Justin and Kyle had gotten closer and Justin was hoping he could over come his fears and dance with Kyle in public. Part of him was still afraid to get hurt again but at the same time he really really really liked Kyle and wanted to take the next big step and come out to admit it among their friends. To make it more awkward both Justin and Kyle were a bit popular with the girls so they were constantly hit on for the dance. This made Justin nervous that Kyle might take an interest in them, which is how his trauma was triggered by a past crush. To help keep himself distracted he offered his fashion aid to the females in the circle of friends, but he would aid the males if needed.

Blossom on the other hand was getting a bit bolder with Carter as they hung out a lot and tried to make time for each other be it lunch, studying or after school. Blossom's smile was very bright when she saw Carter and he was totally into him. Since it was her first male friend on a romantic level she was nervous and often said silly things but apparently Carter found her charming since he flirted back with her as a gentleman. However it did make her nervous that Carter was in a weird relationship with Doug and Mel.

Of course poor Jack was again in way over his head as he was constantly teased by Ashley and Roxy when he left his room. As it was he had to hide in his room just so he could study in peace. When he did come out he was forced to carry their books, get their meals and then endure the embarrassment of being fed in public while being groped under the table. Since they riled him up he could not leave since his little buddy would stand out in public. Most guys of course were jealous to see Jack with two hot girls and cursed him to die with snide comments and death glares. Sadly none of them knew the level of crazy that Ashley and Roxy had alone, much less combined. To make it worse Jack was afraid to be alone with them since they were both evil and perverted. Since he had to placate them both it meant gifts on holidays, possible family gathering, double dates, college with them and a twisted shotgun style marriage to Ashley and Roxy would be the lover on the side. Since Jack was raised with traditional family values he was dreading having to explain to his relatives that he was going to be Ashley's and Roxy's play toy. So the dance made him sweat bullets since keeping two nut jobs happy was just to overwhelming.

Now that it was Friday the students were in their dorms and bathrooms grooming themselves to look their best for the dance, even if they were going stag. Some who didn't have a date went with a group of friends since there was safety in numbers and they could possible dance as a group to avoid looking sad and pathetic. In high school be it rich or poor, others tended to judge the loners sitting in a chair in the corner. So the tension in the air was big and it reeked of hairspray.


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