A Tea Party For All Kinds (Part 3)

JP with Redsword, LaserSexPanther, Jaxx, Omni, mdman, Lorem, LucianNepreen and Cindy

Sitting quietly Sung had just watched everyone interact with one other. he made mental notes on everyone's reaction mannerisms. How they talk the words they used sometimes even closing his eyes. He would know then even in the dark over time. Sung was amused by Cronk and shocked at the time.

He only knew Orcs from home and most of the time back then fighting them. Their tribs were fierce and like to claim things that were not theirs like land. but Cronk was different from what he remembered. Sung still wanted to test his fighting ability still the same one day.

Sung could hear a knock at the door as Harvey got Elizabeth She excused herself Sung stood to his feet as she left and then sat he was tempted to fallow but it was best if someone stayed with the team around the table.

Lorem arched an interested brow and intensified her focus at the phenomenon with the sausage displayed before her eyes. How on earth was that actually happening? Was he manipulating gravity? Did it have something to do with controlling wind currents? Did he change the properties of the object itself? And furthermore, what about his anatomy enabled this? Obviously it had to be initiated somehow and somewhere in the brain first was her hypothesis. Perhaps one day she would be able to get her hands on an Eldren brain.

“Never underestimate the movement of something small when coupled with a creative mind. The entire universe is built on the smallest building blocks imaginable. And all complex things are just systems of simple things working in concert.” Lorem encouraged him, not letting him play down what he was capable of.

Cronk was mystified by the trick. Although he couldn’t grasp the workings of steam-powered machines, he at least could witness the gears and belts.

Cronk picked up the sausage he had earlier placed back upon the dish. There were no strings, no gizmos attached to it.

“Something fishy!” Cronk muttered aloud, not understanding how magik could possibly be done.

Suddenly, Cronk remembered Vor sitting at the table. Turning to him with a nervous grin, Cronk said, “Sorry!…Not you!” He then lifted the sausage as if it were floating to demonstrate to what he was referring as fishy.

As Lily looked around she was in awe at the diversity of the group sitting with her for tea. She saw a refined gnome, a clumsy orc, an araunda, several humans, the odd Dr. Jackal and the Eldren hostess lady Elizabeth. It was obvious that she had been busy since their last encounter. This was clearly not a normal scene to see at tea time, but it would be in poor manners to inquire into Lady Elizabeth's life and work when she was clearly indebt to her. Though it did make her nervous she found it best to be a wallflower for now and wit till Lady Elizabeth would confide in her. However it did concern her that her father was now missing and her butler was trying to kidnap her. She didn't know why but it would not surprise her if it was for her father's money and connections. Espionage was a common threat to the rich and shameless and her father was both rich and shameless.

Sung gave a smile quiet chuckle at Cronk's actions then. Got a more serious look on his face. "Ah.. Cronk, be careful it's all fun magic my big friend" he commented quickly hoping Cronk understood.

"Dr. Jackal, you are on time there are no worries tea and food are still hot." reinsured Sung. "I hope your outing was not too troublesome. We have another guest with you?" asked Sung in a polite way.

Dr. Jackal cleared his throat as he swallowed his cookie. Then he replied, "Ah yes thank you. This is Miss Lily Lavigne. Miss Lavigne this is Mr. Sung. He is the aid to Lady Elizabeth." Lily put her tea cup down and replied, "Oh its a pleasure to see you again Mr. Sung. It has been a while, but we met at a social a few months ago."

Cronk looked around, seeing the newcomers. The title of Doctor sparked interest inside of the orc. He intently studied Jackal, then gave a huff, “Not evil doctor!”

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