A Tea Party For All Kinds (Part 4)

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Dr. Jackal heard Cronk say something odd then looked at the big guy. It puzzled Dr. Jackal to hear that but he figured it was involving their current mission and it would be best if he heard it from Lady Elizabeth before rocking the boat. Orcs were not known for patients, understanding and witty humor, however they were known for violence and and low intelligence which resembled his alter ego....Big Red. Hoping to avoid causing scene during tea time he gave Cronk a small smile and a node as he returned to the food on the table. Seeing as he was hungry he then added some fruits and sausages to his plate and ate to regain his strength. Since he was already severing himself he offered to serve Miss Lavigne as well and she accepted more biscuits and fruit. Dr. Jackal was still not used to calling a cookie a biscuit as he complied to Lily's request.

It took a moment to recall Miss Lavigne. The memory came back he smiled. "Yes, Miss Lavigne, I do remember it is good to see you again. I hear you are in a bit of a spot. You are quite welcome here, Miss Lavigne." Sung paused. He wanted to see how Cronk would react to suggestions. "Oh.. Cronk, if someone tries to hurt Miss Lavigne when she is staying with us can you rip their arms off for me?" asked Sung in a serious tone and straight face.

Lily's eyes bulged and mouth gaped open as she heard Mr. Sung asked the orc to protect her and dismember anyone trying to harm her. She looked at Sung then at Cronk then at Dr. Jackal. Dr. Jackal sipped his tea and then looked at Sung and Cronk before he looked at Lily as she grabbed his hand under the table. Dr. Jackal could see the concern in her eyes as he gave her a reaffirmed hand squeeze.

Cronk looked upon the young lady. He scrunched his eyes together and his lips became tightened between his tusks.

“Cronk smash!” he exclaimed as he slammed a fist onto the table in demonstration, smashing the dish with the sausages upon them.

Cronk tried to look innocent, a nervous laugh protruding from his mouth. “Sorry!”

Sung saw some of the reactions. "Well, maybe it would be better if you ask her before smashing someone or thing," said Sung looking at Miss Lavigne's alarmed expression. "Miss Lavigne. you have nothing to fear he really is a big teddy bear." Sung said with a smile. He knew this could get out of hand if he kept playing around. but it did show Sung some insight into Cronk.

"Cronk, try not to hit the table. You will frighten the staff and spill my tea," said Sung as he places his cloth napkin on the spot of tea on the tablecloth.

Lily forced a smile as she replied, "I see. Thank you Mr. Sung." She was now squeezing Dr. Jackal's hand under the table to keep her composure as she complied to safe face during tea time. She didn't realize her painted claws were extending due to her stress. Dr. Jackal almost spilled his tea as Lily squeezed his hand tightly. He was mildly surprised that her nails felt rather sharp suddenly. He figured she was feeling very uncomfortable all things considered. After a moment her claws retracted and allowed Dr. Jackal to resume eating a cookie.

Sasha sat almost statue like in her chair. She had been hoping for a calm tea time but should have expected that to be an impossibility with this motley crew of people. But all the noise was making her already frazzled nerves not able to come down. A part of her wondered if she should just leave them to their revelry.

Cronk’s fist impacting with the table caused a vibration of force that dissipated from the origin point. It caused the food neatly stacked on Lorem’s plate to topple over and her cup of tea rattled, hopped and tipped over. Fortunately it was only half full, but it’s aromatic liquids spilled towards the center of the table.

Meanwhile, Lorem herself was startled. This was in part due to the once again unexpected occurrence during a civilized social gathering and that her peripheral vision saw the moment coming. She had hopped off her seat as if thinking the edge of the fist hurling down was uncomfortably close to her private space. She landed lightly on the floor, barely making a sound. The chair was now a barrier between herself and Cronk.

Lorem took a deep breath as soon as it was apparent that there was nothing further to be worried about and then noticed the spilt tea. Before she had a chance to notify one of the staff, they seemed to already be buzzing into action to clean up the mess and set everything back in order. It was as if they weren’t just reacting, but were trained to proactively respond.

Lorem took this moment to excuse herself from the table to get another cup of tea, instead of waiting for another to be brought to her. As she did so she thought to herself in regards to the group ~curiouser and curiouser~

Cronk smiled as Fraulein Flower retrieved herself another cup of tea. Well, as much as he could show a smile between his tusks. Lorem certainly seemed to sway Cronk to calmness.

This group accepted Cronk when they easily could have dismissed him. Cronk was grateful. He owed them a debt of gratitude. That demanded his loyalty. He was the stranger in the group, besides Lily, whom he had sworn to protect. He would do his best to do so for all.

“Cronk protect all,” he simply stated.

Elizabeth was glad the doctor and Lily did decide to join them. She introduced the pair to Cronk then Lily to the rest of the table, besides Sung who she knew the young woman already knew.

Jackal mentioned anything people heard about him was unfortunately probably true. Which made Elizabeth wonder, did he think her impolite enough to bring up such matters at tea? Or was there some other reason they might hear of what had occurred. The press? They had likely been at the Exposition. She could only hope none of the reporters caught the transformation or could figure out what had happened.

Cronk smash the dish. The servants went about cleaning without being told anything. It was how a household with staff should run. They were supposed to anticipate what was needed without being asked, not for everything but certainly to clean up a broken dish. Of course, the best at this was Sung but she hardly considered him a servant. He was very much family to her. The next was Harvey, who had been with her family for years.

Elizabeth wondered what Lily thought of the group but assumed the young woman would know enough not to ask at the moment.

Elizabeth herself, had been to pretend to be unfazed but much, a calm in a storm. The only one who saw what was really going on inside, any doubts, questioning her choices, anything like that was Sung and he would likely know anyway.

Cronk said he would protect all and Elizabeth certainly believed him. "Well then, Mr. Cronk, we will be well protected." She gave him a nod.

Lorem finished her new cup of tea off to the side. She slowly made her way closer to Lady Elizabeth. And when there was a pause in the conversation politely caught her attention.

“Lady Elizabeth are there any other important announcements? If not, may I be excused from the meeting to get back to work?”

There was still much to be done before tomorrow.

Elizabeth gave Lorem a friendly smile, "Let me walk out with you." Elizabeth turned to the table. "Everyone, I will be in the office, please come see me, when you are done. Lily I need to speak to you as well." She paused for a moment, then added. "Mr. Sung please join me when you get a moment."

Sung stood to his feet with a small bow as Elizabeth got up "Yes, Lady Elizabeth." replied. He waited until Elizabeth left "Please enjoy the food and tea do not feel rushed. I must excuse myself. I will see you ladies and gentlemen later." Sung said to the group then uncharacteristically drank all his tea at once gave a bow and left the room slowly giving Lady Elizabeth a head start.

Elizabeth left with Lorem. As they walked, she informed Lorem of her assignment for the next day and what time they would be leaving in the morning for headquarters. With that accomplished Elizabeth said, "I will see you in the morning. Have a good night."

Elizabeth turned then to head towards the office.

Cronk saw that the tea party was beginning to break up. Not wanting to overstay his welcome, the orc grabbed the bottle of whiskey. First, he would see Lady Elizabeth at her office, then would explore the grounds. If he were to keep them safe, he would need to familiarize himself with the place.

As he approached the office, Lorem was exiting it. Bowing his head, he gush with a pleasant smile, “Fraulein Flower!” Then Cronk entered the office.

Lily nodded at Lady Elizabeth and wiped her mouth with a napkin before she stood up and excused herself. Then she followed Lady Elizabeth and Lorem out the tea room. She was nervous about their conversation but had an idea that it would be better to wait till Lady Elizabeth filled her in. It was tiresome having to be prim and proper all the time. Having to pretend to smile at posh elite wind bags, put up with fat old guys who believed they were ladies' men, pretending to care about popular topics and wearing a corset which prevented her from eating and breathing. She did not miss that part of her past but hopefully she could regain her freedom in the future once her "EX" butler was taken down along with whoever he was working with. Sadly this would take time and Lily had to play by Lady Elizabeth's rules for now.

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