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Interview with Anodyne Productions!

Nova is installable software by Anodyne Productions for play-by-post games

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with two leaders from Anodyne Productions, the company behind the most popular and most widely used software for Play-by-Post games on the net.  From their humble beginnings several years ago, they’ve ascended to producing the premier simming solutions package.  Instead of putting words in their mouths, here’s what they had to say… Read More


Share Your 2013 Role-Playing Memories

This article was written by Josh from SimmingNet.

Retro space cityAs we step into 2014, we no doubt have some favorite memories from 2013. Whether it was a funny scene you wrote for your character or a cherished memory associating with your fellow writers, we’d love to hear about them! Share your cherished role-playing memories of yesteryear on Twitter with the hashtag #BestSimMemory2013. You can also post them to the SimmingNet Facebook page or to Ongoing Worlds.

We’ll curate and collect them and share our favorites with you later.


Tib’s Corner – Interview with Elena Vasilescu, Creator of “Before The Mast” #BeforeTheMast

pirate__1221836287_8352Yo ho ho Ongoing Worlds! Tib here with a special interview! Note that this one is actually TC’s first out of site interview. This week I interviewed Elena Vasilescu, creator of the notable RP game, Before The Mast. The game, Before The Mast is an 18th century naval themed play by post forum game opened on August 6th, 2010. The game has been running for more the two years, and just like us the players in the game have just entered their New Year. So let’s get this interview started and delve into the world of swashbuckling shall we? Read More


Borderlands – The New Kids On The Block

Star Trek Borderlands logoThis article was written by Rich LeValley from Star Trek: Borderlands, a roleplaying group that’s been running since 1993.

Well, I’ve been familiar with David Ball, Award Winning Website creator, for some time. He has been a great supporter of my own game system Star Trek: Borderlands. It is with great gladness, then, that I have been given permission to bring Star Trek: Borderlands play to Ongoing Worlds in the form of the USS Marcus (see the game’s homepage here). Read More


Using Your Roleplaying Skills to Improve Your Creative Writing

This article was written for us by Marcela De Vivo. It mentions tabletop RPGs throughout, but applies also to play-by-post roleplay. 

Daring swordfights, fantastical adventures and questing, oh my! For the creative, innovative and artistically inclined, these things tend to magically drag us into turning our world upside down– making the impossible possible. And what better way to test our imagination than with a friendly (or not-so-friendly) enticing roleplaying game?
Read More


How roleplaying can help your career

Steven Savage from Seventh Sanctum

Steven Savage from Seventh Sanctum

After my post on Seventh Sanctum and Randomization, Dave noted that I did a lot of posts on geeky careers at MuseHack – but I hadn’t actually written much on the career value of role playing games.

Of course I hadn’t, and at first, I thought “why would I?” Because the benefits are obvious, right?

This is one of those cases where the answer is “of course not Steve, what the hell are you thinking?” Sorry, it took me awhile to realize that.

So, thanks to Dave, I’m doing an in-depth examination of how your RPG interests can help your career. Read More


First Person Fortnight 2013

First person fortnight

Greetings, Ongoing Worldlings! I come to you with an important message… A message that IT is almost upon us.

No, not the Festive Season (ick), I’m talking about something far more fun: First Person Fortnight! Read More


The right leadership can make a difference

Akeram Mulvar

Akeram Mulvar from the USS Hartington RP

This article is written by Akeram Mulvar from the USS Hartington RP.

I can guarantee that if you’ve been RPing or simming for more than a short time, you’ve encountered some kind of drama. If you haven’t yet, you will. The internet has a lot of great stuff on it, from excellent writers who we love to work with, to various adorable kittens playing with boxes. But, there’s also bad. Many people take the anonymity, or the distance from another person, as an opportunity to let out the worse aspects of their nature. They can bully, or form cliques, and essentially be unwelcoming. Read More


Spellbound – Thank You for Two Years of Magic

Aetherion IIIAfternoon everyone, Leon Archer here also known as Phantasmagoria, the GM for Spellbound. I’d like to tell you about some cool things that I’ve got planned for this November/December.

So, you may have noticed this month that Octy has donned his wizard’s hat and wand. That’s because this month is the 2nd anniversary for Spellbound. I want to personally give everyone who’s been with us all this time and those who are more recent a massive thank you for all the support and love you’ve put into the Spellbound world. Really, you guys are the best! Read More


How to roleplay on Tumblr

I don't really know what "get out of the tag" means, but this was the only Tumblr image I could find that wasn't animated

I don’t really know what “get out of the tag” means, but this was the only Tumblr image I could find that wasn’t animated

I’ve been curious recently about the people roleplaying on Tumblr, and asked a roleplayer to send me a good help guide. With an initial reaction of “duh isn’t it obvious” she probably assumed I was an old fogie who didn’t know how to use the internet (it’s true, I’m over 30 now). Thing is, it’s NOT obvious. Tumblr is a minefield of horribly animating GIFs and blinking text that’s enough to give a squirrel a seizure.

Tumblr is very popular for roleplayers though, so I persisted. I was given this link, which I’ll paste some of the important sections here in case you’re also curious (but I recommend reading the full article if you are of course). Read More