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How to post to a Facebook page from OngoingWorlds

Post to facebook

So you might have a Facebook page for your game on OngoingWorlds. If not, it’s a really good idea because:

  • It helps people find your game
  • It gives you a place to announce stuff
  • People can follow your game easily, even if they don’t have time to play (usually called lurking)

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Don’t keep your game a secret

keeping your rp a secret

I know advertising is horrible. I know it’s a ball-ache. I know it’s horrible being advertised AT. But it doesn’t have to be, it’s just about letting people know what they want to know. Read More


Unlockable perk – Social icons

Here’s another option that isn’t available until your game has at least 50 posts. After that you can add social icons to your game’s homepage to a Twitter or Facebook account (if you have one). Read More


Need new members? – Don’t Forget Your Friends

Friends can be roleplayers too

The wait can be unbearable. It can be a year or a week. But however long we have to wait for the next episode of our favorite series, we can’t wait for that day to come (or year, though that can test our patience; we’re looking at you, Sherlock!). But then we have the inevitable problem: have our friends watched it yet? Why does that matter to us? Because we like sharing things that interest us with the people we care about.

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Share Your 2013 Role-Playing Memories

This article was written by Josh from SimmingNet.

Retro space cityAs we step into 2014, we no doubt have some favorite memories from 2013. Whether it was a funny scene you wrote for your character or a cherished memory associating with your fellow writers, we’d love to hear about them! Share your cherished role-playing memories of yesteryear on Twitter with the hashtag #BestSimMemory2013. You can also post them to the SimmingNet Facebook page or to Ongoing Worlds.

We’ll curate and collect them and share our favorites with you later.


How to advertise your game without ramming it down people’s throats

MadmenAdvertising is hard

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a new roleplaying game is getting players to join initially. Getting people to join a brand new game without an established story or any guarantee it’ll not be a waste of time is tricky. Finding the members is difficult enough, so you want to make your game as visible as possible.

A lot of this involves putting yourself out there, self-promoting, and just generally shouting loudly about your game into the ether until someone hears you. Read More


Add your Facebook & Twitter URLs to OngoingWorlds

Social iconsHere’s a very simple addition to OngoingWorlds that we’ve added this week, social icons on your profile.

Adding your Facebook or twitter allows an easy way for your fellow roleplayers and OngoingWorlds members to contact you.

To get a link to your Twitter or Facebook account, simply edit your profile and add the URL for your public profile. For Twitter this will be your username (but don’t add the @). For Facebook this will be your username, and the URL in your browser’s address bar when you click on your own profile. Read More


Using social media for your roleplaying game

Social Media

Social media is a massive thing at the moment, and it seems like everyone is using either Facebook or Twitter. TV programmes, radio stations, companies, products, and even your local gym will want you to either follow them on Twitter, or ‘like’ their page on Facebook. Here you will get a best kicksta review to generate a traffic to your social media platform.

You might hate social media, but you’ve got to admit it’s damn useful! Using Twitter or Facebook is a way that you can easily talk to people, and that’s great, but the most obvious value to your roleplaying game is that it makes it easier for people to find and talk to YOU!

Recruiting new members to your roleplaying game is difficult, and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help people to join. Think about how someone will find out about your roleplaying game. If you’re using a forum website, or OngoingWorlds, think about how someone will find you. Many people believe that if you create a website, you’ll automatically be seen by hundreds of visitors – but this is like building a shop in the middle of the desert – who will go there, unless they know it exists? Read More


How to create a Facebook page for your Roleplaying game

In the previous article I explained how creating a Facebook fan page for your game will help you to get new members. This article will show you how to create a page for your roleplaying game, if you already have a fan page and want to know how to set it to automatically publish a link to your game’s latest post, read this article.

Create the fan page

To get started, go to and click “create page”.

Create a facebook fan page

You’re creating a page that you want to use to post regular information about your game, so you’ll want to create an “Official Page” not a “Community Page”. The latter doesn’t give us the amount of control and customisation we want.

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