Battle Joined

“It has been a long time, wolf. What business have you, the witch that stole your sister’s throne no longer walks with us.”

The golden eyes of Fenrir fell upon the ancient Mimir and he snarled. Before any answer could be given however Luna had strode forward her shadows rising to confront the beast.

He eyed her warily as she spoke and when she asked the final question "Where is Miles!?" his eyes narrowed and his hackles rose. The wolf began to paw at the earth as the elf companions tried to call her back from the brink of a confrontation. A confrontation that the ever hungry dwarf Dim stole from under her nose.

"Big wolf ATE our FOOD!!" a weapon was drawn!

Fenrir moved like lightning leaping through the air toward Dim. As he flew forward his form shifted and in a blur of motion he landed before the dwarf and drew his own great battle axe from his back.

"I know you not dwarf but if you offer sport I gladly accept!" and with that the battle was joined and Fenrir brought his axe down with a crushing blow!

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