Table Manners

Fenir. He slayed the ice giants, Varan was glad he didn’t smite the full-blooded elf or the dwarf, and the giant she already established was hers to fight. Plus when the Dagda yelled, the world beneath their feet quaked, he was a force to be reckoned with.

“Didn’t you hear the Dagda?” Varan asked Luna. Rhetorical question, it was impossible to not hear him. “Now is not the time.” Maybe her human side gave her more logic than the angry little elf.

“The Wild Hunt is a force for anyone or thing to reckon with. It was foolish of all of them to make such a ruckus under the Dagda’s hospitality. He seems overall in a good mood.” Olin said as he and Varan went to find a seat.

He sighed hearing Luna continue her rude behavior about a person no one seemed to know about. “I think the strain of magic is starting to affect our young elf’s mind. She keeps talking about this person no one knows about. Maybe it was someone related to her? Though I doubt it …” He said recalling there chat as she regaled him with her past. She never mentioned siblings of any kind.

“Even so…. “ Varan took an empty seat next to Olin. “I wouldn’t want to offend our host - or anger the demi-god further. Full-Elf, Luna!” She called. “Come, sit, eat,”

Olin patted the open seat next to him to further encourage the girl. He gave her an enchanting smile to help distract the girl and her destructive train of thought. “Come.” He said echoing Varan.

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