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"If I’m correct Fenrir’s clam to him is no longer valid the dark elves exist and therefor the realm of shadows is rightfully ours yes” Luna asked curiously.

The Faerie lord looks troubled for a moment at your question Luna.

"The hold Fenrir has on your friend is not easily broken and at this point in most likely mutual. Once the wolf has taken a man, it is not a thing easily undone. The wolf and the man are forever fused and beholden to their pack leader. Only the death of Fenrir himself could free your friend truly.

As to the fate of Svartalfheim and your people, it would appear that you have a rightful claim if your shadowed companion should be believed. Whether you can make good on that claim is up to you and your companions here. Right now I would say that finding a way to Asgard and avoiding the jaws of the wolf should be task enough for you all."

"Balar can I count on you for help protecting my people when this stupid quest of the harlequin is over.” Luna then asked.

"If we get through this, you have my word." Balar agreed.

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