The Hall of Hela

As the vast throne room materialised around them the hordes of undead faded away, leaving only Sigrid and the hellish pit around which they fought as a constant. A putrid green light eminated from the hole in the stone floor bathing the chamber with its sickly gloom.

At the head of the chamber Hela calmly rose from her dark throne. A child no longer she was every bit the goddess of death. As tall as Heimdall, her beauty was as captivating as her gaze was deadly.

"Really, I thought you children would never get here."

Balar charged his axe held high and with a flick oh her wrist Hela snared him with a tendril of power. He writhed in agony as she began to draw the life energy from his body. Tiella screamed,

"Nooooooo." She ran forward and plunged he dagger towards the goddess. It's struck Hela in the thigh and the blade shattered like glass. A blast of power sent the half-elf hurtling through the air to smash into a nearby pillar before slumping to the ground unconscious.

Balar dropped his axe, his skin growing pale and his hair and beard falling away in snowy white clumps. Majvoc ran to him and drew his dagger ready to end the warriors suffering.

"Do it." Balar groaned in agony.

"No." Hela commanded and whips of eldritch green light tore from the open maw in the throne room floor and wrapped themselves around the thief pulling him towards the portal.

"You are mine!" Sigrid screamed at Erik as she charged him once more and this time Heimdal stood by his side to help fight the woman back.

Dropping Balar to the ground a whithered shell of his former self Hela turned her attention to the others. She reached out her hands igniting orbs of black fire above each palm. Then with a wink towards Cali she began hurtling them towards her foes.

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