Long house Blues

Hearing of Luna's past broke through Erik's stubborn tantrum, a tinge of shame at acting so rashly coming to him.
He decided that being there was the best option, if anything to watch over the others in case the bandits decided to keep them.
Stepping back into the freezing winds, he made his way towards the structure the others were in when he came upon Luna's unconscious form at the door.
His anger returned, he could only assume they had attacked when he left and had chosen to let the elf freeze. Picking her up gently, he prepared to enter when he several of the men stumbled out.
"Honorable one, please have mercy! Your witch betrays you and seeks to kill us all!"
Erik wanted to laugh at them, though he wasn't all too sure hinself where Cali's allegiance lay.
He entered the building with warhammer in hand, only to be greeted by the eviscerated remains of the bandits. Noting the others remained unharmed, he chuckled.
"So, I see you tired of them as well?"

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