A Long Night in the Longhouse

Cali looked up as the blast of cold air announced Erik’s return. The towering giant entered the longhouse and the floor creaked as he stepped over the slain bodies. In his arms was the small frame of Luna, alive and breathing, but dead to the world. Caligari spoke with Erik as she moved towards one of the few beds. “On the contrary; I found their manly bodies and virile smells to be most invigorating. Sadly I was unable to avail myself of the heave and hoe of their swollen libidos. I was so looking forward to the fatigue. But you said it yourself, we could not trust them. I suppose you had your own reasons for advocating their deceptive nature, but they seemed quite fond of you; even implied bedding me would somehow aid them in garnering your respect or esteem.” The witch rolled back the furs and patted the bed. “Lay her here and we’ll warm her up. Garm, wipe your muzzle clean and come share your fur with this one. Don’t eat her, don’t fuck her and don’t ….well you may lick her until she wakes up. Until then, perhaps the Jotun will share his story with us.”

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