Vutra looked on as the humans ran through the snow towards him. They had been watching the interlopers for days, waiting for the right moment to attack. He motioned for his brothers to remain quiet and still and the men ran on.

They had watched as the tribesman had returned to their temporary lodge carrying bodies. One of them at least had been on Jotun kin, though not of the Ashet'Jotun. The Ice Giants.

They had waited as strange powers were released within the lodge and listened as men had died. Their Jotun cousin had emerged then in a rage only to return to send these humans running to their doom.

The human warriors were close now. Vutra could smell their blood. He allowed one of them to pass him by and reached out to grab the second. The Ice Giant burst from the snow and grabbed the warrior around the head and shoulders. The little man kicked out and tried to reach for his weapon. Vutra responded by tearing off the mans right leg and biting off the grasping arm.

Looking around he saw that his brothers had caught the others and were dispatching them in similar fashion. His attention returned to his own catch, struggling weakly as blood sprayed out onto the bright white snow. He closed his fist to crush the mans head and allowed the body to drop to the ground.

It was time to visit the lodge and see who remained within.


Within the lodge they all stared at the images projected by Lunas shadow. They could see Fenrir his golden eyes shining as he seemed to stare straight back at them. Next to him stood a vaguely familiar warrior with the same golden eyes.

"Who is..." Balar began just as a crashing sound came from above the the roof of the lodge was torn away. They looked up into the frozen night sky to see the huge forms of at least eight Ice Giants staring down at them.

"If Majvoc were here, he would say something real clever right now." Tiella murmured.

"We may be seeing him again real soon." Balar replied as he stared up at the blood stained creatures. "Erik? Do you speak Ice Giant?"

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