Jotun of Ice

Erik narrowed his eyes as he prepared to fight, moving to protect the still unconsciously Dyvia.
"I only heard legends, back when realm travel was frequent. My people thought them lost to the wastes of this world. So no, if they speak anything other than Jotun, I am of no use."
Trying to remember it himself after so long without another Jotun to speak to, he tried to establish a connection.
"We do not seek a fight cousin, your strength and skill outmatches our own."
Forgotten due to recent events, Theo groggily returned to consciousness only to see several Ice Giants amongst his original targets.
"By the gods, what is it that draws chaos to you lot?"
He jumped in his icy prison as Kespin appeared beside him, slapping the hunters face in his excitement.
"Jotun of ice, dear boy! Truly a relic in these times!"

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