The great Ice Giant barked a laugh as he looked down at the considerable smaller Jotun.

"Ha. It had been long since out cousins of stone have walked the frozen lands. It is well that we speak before we raise hands in anger. For your sake the children you keep may live for a time. We have plenty to keep us sated." The Ice Giant shook a great sack he held at his side, "Come, we travel to Hvergelmir where our mother waits."

Erik translated for the others and they listened with varying degrees of interest.

"We will freeze out there." Tiella argued and when Erik conveyed her words to the Giants one of them threw down a wine skin. It landed in the centre of the lodge with a slosh and a thump.

"He says to drink." it will protect you from the cold.

Balar turned to the others, "Tie the would be assassin," he motioned to Theo, "and help build a stretcher for Dyvia, we must carry her. I see little choice but to go with them unless any of you have enough fight left to take on eight Ice Giants.

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