Witchy Woman - She got the Moon in her Eye

<<“Hey Cali, I’ll trade you for an hour - shadow can tell you everything you want to know about magic in exchange for help learning to control my magic better from Olin.” Luna said when she saw Cali and Olin again.>>

Cali looked up at Olin and pouted. “Oh she’s a dear. She would trade shadow and light for flesh and blood. Luna, I may have some telling questions to put to your shadow slave. But I'm not sure we will find enough similarity between our magic to make him compatible to my needs.

<<“Fortunately the imagination of my former tribemates were lacking. I however am very imaginative.” Olin smirked keeping Cali close. “Your magics and undead minion hardly frighten me.” He assured his Empress.>>

“I plan to put that imagination of yours to proper use. I have quite a few ideas myself."

<<“I have yet to show the depth of my gratitude to you for liberating me to the closest thing I have to freedom.” He murmured into the witches ear, Olin’s lips kissed her neck affectionately. The Skratti’s hand wandered down Cali’s belly to begin showing exactly how appreciative he was.>>

Cali’s knees almost crumpled as her legs began to yield, but Garm was there at her side, pressing the top of his head against the witch’s hand to prop her up. Her fingers flexed and curled within his fur until she thought she’d succumb to the deed right there.

<<"Enough." Balar growled. "It is bad enough that these Ice Giants look at us like we are wild game without you rutting in public like boar in heat.">>

Caligari was breathing heavily when she grabbed Olin’s hand, putting a stop to the very public display of gratitude. She held his palm in hers and considered Balar. He was right of course, but she wasn’t sure there was anything they could do to make the Ice Giants view them in any better light. A boar in heat or a boar roasting on a spit - it may just all be the same to the giants.

She gestured and Olin leaned in to hear her whisper. “Save your appreciation for this evening; I am not yet finished with your fawning fingers. In fact…” Cali steered Olin by the shoulders so he was facing Luna.

“Moonchild, I am curious - why is it you think you’ll find yourself willing to listen to Olin’s council concerning the control of your magic when you’ve always shunned my own. Even so, I confer upon you the company of Olin for an hour. This evening. I only ask that I be allowed to watch.”

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