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Ashley: Can you help me pick out a swimsuit?

Jack: I am sure you look good in any swimsuit.

Ashley: Aww how sweet but I prefer you help me decide.

Jack felt her grip getting tighter on his kneecap and he winced a bit.

Jack: As tempting as that is I am not allowed in the girl's dorm.

Ashley: Good point. Then I will send you some pics on your phone and you tell me which one you prefer okay?

Jack: Sure. That will work.

Ashley: Promise you will be honest?

Seeing as he had no choice in the matter he nodded at her hoping she would let go of his sore knee.

Jack: Yes I promise.

Ashley leaned in and kissed Jack on the cheek with a smile.

Ashley: That you sweety.

Jack blushed red with embarrassment as he looked down on his food. It irked him how she could manipulate him so easily.

Rose had never been surfing but it had always looked liked fun. She though just listened as Kyle replyed.

"I've not been to Europe but I would assume it would be nice there. " He nodded when JD mentioned Newport Beach. "I'm interested in trying out the waves here."

Sam was listening to this exchange and commented. "I got to go surfing once. Last spring, it was fun." She paused and then asked, directing her question at both JD and Kyle. "How long have both of you been surfing?"

Ashley and Blossom stopped talking to listen to Kyle, JD, Rose and the others talk about the beach plans and traveling the world. Ashley did a lot of traveling as well since her father's job required it and her mother was both supportive and concerned about his groupies getting the wrong idea about being more than a fan. Ashley's mother was very pretty and loving but she had her ways of keeping her husband faithful and nearby. Oddly enough Ashley took after both of her parents and was now controlling the life of the man she loved, whether he liked it or not.

Blossom on the other hand was bewildered by all the stories they shared. She barely left her home town for this school so everything was a new experience for her. She was very excited about the idea of a beach party as she wiggled in her seat and smiled with excitement.

Blossom: Oh my god! That sounds so fun. I have never been to the beach before.

Ashley: You will love it.

Blossom: Back in Map Dot, Montana we don't have beach parties. Well mainly because we don't have a beach......or an ocean for that matter.

Ashley: Well that does pose a problem.

Blossom: Oh wait........ that means I have to wear a swimsuit? Oh this bad I don't have one. Also I don't think the guys want to see me in one anyway.

Ashley: Relax girl. I will help you out.

Blossom: Really? Ashely you are so amazing.

Ashley: Its more fun to do these things with other girls.

Blossom and Ashley hugged while they giggled a bit. This was common among the cheer squad as they formed their small friend groups.

Kyle answered first; this was his chance. "A few years. I had an ex that taught me how to surf." He paused for a moment then said. "He was a really good surfer." There were no mincing words but it was said matter of factly. Kyle took a moment to glance around at the people actually paying attention to the conversation. He felt no need to hide it and the quicker he knew who he could be friends with the better.

Ashley and Blossom stopped hugging as Kyle mentioned he was gay. Ashley caught onto his comment very quickly but poor Blossom was a bit confused since she was never exposed to the gay lifestyle back in Map Dot, Montana.

Blossom whispering to Ashley: Why is everyone quiet?

Ashley whispered into Blossom's innocent ear and told her Kyle liked guys and not girls. While doing so Blossom's face turned beet red and she almost squeaked like a mouse before Ashley covered her mouth. Blossom was so embarrassed as Ashley whispered to her to calm down and she would help her so it was going to be okay. So the poor frantic Blossom slowly got a grip and Ashley released her in a friendly manner and hugged her to help her relax. They somehow played it off as silly girl time.

Heath and Sam both said nothing for a moment but then seemed to shrug it off as if it was no big deal. He then looked at Rose who took a sip of her drink and then smiled at him. Something unsaid had happened in that moment. She had completely realized that he wasn't interested in her and not in a way that was upsetting. It was fine. It had been a minor crush. She still thought he was good looking and nice but now as a friend.

Rose nodded to him. Then said as if nothing had just happened. "So, am I the only one who has never gone surfing?"

Heath then added. "Maybe. I went with the group that Sam went with."

So, apparently, the small group that Kyle was connecting with didn't care that he was gay. Well, at least Sam, Heath, and even Rose which was a relief. He would just have to see how others reacted to the news.

Ashley: I only did a little surfing in Australia when my dad was working there. It was okay but I prefer the other beach activities.

Ashley looked at Jack and winked as she gave a naughty smile. Jack turned red as he looked down at his food. He was still trying to hide the effect Ashley left on him as he tugged on his shirt to cover the evidence in his pants. He completely missed Kyle's confession and the awkwardness since he was trying to drown his embarrassment in food. All poor Jack could think about was Ashley in skimpy bikinis seductively approaching him as water slowly sprinkled down on her from a nearby water mister like in a movie. He wanted to that vile thought from his mind since he was supposed to hate Ashley for tormenting him in his youth. It was her fault he was like this now and he hated how she was using her feminine wiles to worm her way into his heart. She didn't play fair since she could kick his butt and toy with his emotions. Each day he spent with her only strengthened her grip on him. If he was not careful she was going to break him and make him her permanent toy.

The remark that Kyle made did not surprise him at all it just confirmed what he already thought. He looked back to Rose “Don’t worry Rose. I will show you if you want to learn. I have been doing it all me life grew up in, on, around the ocean my parents joke I was born in the ocean and have gills” he said jokingly. “but I am a good surfer not the best most of my time is spent scuba diving. It was not until my dad retired that I realized that not all kids ran on the beach for 3 miles and swim to the one mile buoy and back. and did pushups and sit ups 5 days a week with there dads.” He said. he wondered what she and the others will say to that. was that too much information. “So, with Italian, Spanish, surfing I can help you any time just have to ask” He said to Rose. He wondered if it was to much, he was just trying to be nice. “That goes for everyone here. and maybe do a beach party in Newport beach.” He finished nice that made it not look like I was trying to hard JD thought.

Ashley decided to help diffuse the situation since Blossom was still recovering.

Ashley: Good idea JD. Maybe we can rent some boogey boards, doughnut inner tubes and surfboards for the whole group. This way we can all choose a few fun things to do right Jack?

Ashley nudged Jack to get him to reply. He was confused but replied anyway with a positive answer.

Jack: Huh? Yeah sure.

Ashley: See? It would be better for Blossom too since she is new to the beach experience. We don't want her to have a bad experience on her first beach outing.

Blossom: Are you sure?

Ashley: Of course girl. We are young women in our prime. We need to savor these experiences.

Jack moaned as he knew he was not getting out of this. Blossom was still a bit red but she was able to talk somewhat normally now. Ashley was a big help in diffusing the tension by supporting JD's plan. In truth she was not worried about the love life of the others but if things got ugly she would loose out on her quality time with Jack at the beach. She needed to use this outing to make his heart excited for her since he was still resisting her charms. She was a woman on a mission to win the heart of her childhood victim........I mean friend.

Ashly: So any other ladies need to go swimsuit shopping?


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