Blossom, you can do it.

Jack moaned as he knew he was not getting out of this. Blossom was still a bit red but she was able to talk somewhat normally now. Ashley was a big help in diffusing the tension by supporting JD's plan. In truth she was not worried about the love life of the others but if things got ugly she would loose out on her quality time with Jack at the beach. She needed to use this outing to make his heart excited for her since he was still resisting her charms. She was a woman on a mission to win the heart of her childhood victim........I mean friend.

Ashly: So any other ladies need to go swimsuit shopping?

JD smiled “I can help with that” he said jokingly. “Blossom, don’t worry I will be there to help you too. The ocean can be tricky but so much fun. Think it like a giant lake like flathead like I think it is called.” He said hopping to give her some confidence and make her feel not so awkward. He was not sure why she was flustered but it was ok Ashley was helping her. He wondered if that was a good thing, he still did not know how to take her. He started to eat his food. knowing he had said enough he did not want to get in to trouble with the girls. he just listening to the others talk.

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