"Guess that depends what you consider a swimsuit." Jocelyn said, taking a spoon from her mouth. "Don't really do a ton of swimming but would be nice to dig my toes into the sand and just sit around with friends." She looks up, "If you don't care to shop for something a little less bikini more beach wear I'll tag along."

"I drown when I was twelve." Dante chimes in. "Jumped off a dock and it wasn't as deep as I thought. Foot got caught in the muddy bottom. Couldn't get my foot free. Lucky my friend's dad was around or I'd be dead." he adds biting in to a burrito and all the contents poop out the bottom, "ah shit..." the unrolls it trying to shove all the contents back in a messy heap. "Every time."

Jocelyn choked trying to hold in a laugh, at how this guy who a lot of the girls looked at like they were fixing to flood the school and how he could be such a mess and dork.

"Cute." she comments handing him a wad of napkins. "Maybe next time get less fillings?" After handing Dante the napkins Jocelyn dug in her bag for a small round case with Monday-Sunday separations taking out three pills for the current day and downing them with her bottled sweet tea.

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