The Boss?

He looked over at Jack, Justin, Ashley and that crew. The Football Jerks and their puffy headed cheerleader groupies were getting ready to head out. They marked him and he knew he was going to be head first in a trash can, his head in a toilet, or running naked down the halls. It was just a matter of time. He groaned with anticipated pain. Later today they were having the boy's senior vs. sophmore, junior vs. freshman flag football event. He was going to get crushed and he wanted out but attendance was mandatory. Only the boy on crutches was getting out of this.

Jack wanted to leave but as soon as he was about to he felt Ashley's hand on his knee and knew he was trapped. Her gentle smile was a cold reminder of who was in charge. He was so glad he didn't have a cell phone. Since he had no friends or social life he never saw the need for one. True it did upset his parents he a loner, but oddly enough he never bugged them for money or a phone either. This was why they were glad that Ashley was bringing him out of his loner shell. Since he had no cell phone he didn't have to worry about anyone calling him so he was looking forward to getting away from Ashley in the boys dorm since she couldn't bug him there. Then he realized she might be getting friendly with Justin to keep tabs on him. He sighed as just wanted this day to end.

A few tables away hoots and yells rang over to this table, the popular kids making fun of the 'nerder' table. Jocelyn turned to see where the shouts were coming from. Seeing the boy from a few days ago. Who started to slap his friends chests to stop laughing. He pointed at her, making her skin crawl and she turned around. The ribbing and laughs turned to cat calling.

Out of instinct Jack, Justin, Ashley and her two cheerleader friends turned to see the jocks were making a scene at one of the tables. It wasn't hard to see they were picking the table full of nerdy kids.

Ashley: Hey isn't that the jerk who made a scene at the Golden Arch's?

Jack: You mean the pretty boy?

Justin: The pretty by is Joey Donner.

Ashley: You know him?

Justin: Not on a personal note, but he is a small time model trying to make his debut.

Ashley: Well he was very rude to hit on me in front of Jack here while on out date.

Justin: So did your manly beau chase him away?

Ashley: Of course and he was so cool while he did it.

Jack sighed as they talked as if he wasn't there. He ignored the giggles he heard from the two cheer friends he never bothered to even learn their names.

Then Joey saw Ashley and pointed at her while talking to some football jocks. Then the three of them made their way toward Jack's group.

Justin: Incoming.

Ashley: Now what do they want?

Ashley gave them a bright yet condescending smile as they approached.

Ashley: Can I help you?

Lance: Last I checked this isn't the cheer table? Why don't you girls join the others?

Charlie chuckled as he sized up Jack and Justin in a creepy manner. Jack could care less about them and hoped Ash and her friends would just go so he could be alone. heck he would be glad if Justin would go with them. Ashley's two cheer friends seemed uncomfortable as they looked to Ashley for help.

Ashley: You seem awfully about where everyone should be sitting. Are you planning on being a host after you graduate?

Charlie: Mind your mouth girl.

Lance: Relax Charlie. She was just making a joke.

Joey tried to look tough while smirking. It was clear he was making trouble for them.

Lance: Sorry about that. Charlie was gifted with talent on the field and not so much in the academics.

Ashley: I can see that. So why the concern where we eat?

Lance: Just a little concern you ladies might be feeling shy since you are sitting so far away from our section.

Ashley: Awwww how cute. Your trying to flirt with me while I'm sitting next to my boyfriend.

Lance: Him?

Ashley hugged Jack's arm and beamed a bright happy smile at Lance as if to rub it in. Jack of course had a grouchy expression as he was annoyed being used as her shield again. He knew she was going to make him defend her eventually.

Charlie: This wuss?

Lance: If he is so great why isn't he on the team?

Ashley: My Jack is a bit shy. He only does sports to work out so he can look good for me.

Charlie: Sounds like a sissy to me.

Lance: And what sports does he do?

Ashley smiled at Lance as if she was not going to take his bait but bend it so she had control.

Ashley: Now, now don't get any ideas of trying to steal my Jack just to improve your sports team.

Charlie: What?

Lance: Huh?

Ashley: He is dedicated to his grades and me right now.

Charlie: Sounds like he is whipped.

Lance: Seriously?

Ashley: You know I am curious by something.

Lance: And that is?

Ashley: Well you and your friends there seem very concerned about my man Jack here. You wouldn't by chance be trying to take him away from me would you?

Ashley smiled with a bit of concern as she looked at them. Lance and Joey made a gross expression, but Charlie turned beet red and took a step back. Ashley cocked her head to the side and held Jack's arm close to her. The three jocks backed up a bit since it was hard to deal with being gay out in the open even though they did a lot of questionable behavior in the locker room.

Joey: Hell no!

Lance: Not in a million years.

Charlie: ……….. yeah gross. (beet red)

Ashley: Well then since Jack won't be joining you either way how about you go back to the jock table and sweet talk the single cheerleaders there.

Since Ashley was polite about it Lance and his friends could not afford to make a scene since he knew the cheer squad could easily turn against him and the team since they loved gossip. Seeing as this battle was already over he tried to play the nice card.

Lance: Well if you change your mind you ladies are welcome anytime.

Ashley: How sweet and thank you.

Lance, Charlie and Joey put on their game faces and got a bit rowdy as they made their way back to the jock and cheer tables.

Justin: Well played Ashley.

The two cheer friends giggled as they complimented Ashley. Ashley blushed as she cuddled with Jack. It annoyed Jack even more when the cheer friends talked about how cute it was to see Jack and Ashley so happy together. He moaned at the thought since no one knew the real Ashley. Sure she came off as all sugar and spice, but deep down she was evil. She used her looks and her martial arts to turn him into a pet boyfriend against his will. He wondered how they would feel about her if they knew the real Ash, but deep down he knew she was smarter than him and he was trapped. Now his only salvation was college since very few people ever went to the same college. He only had to bite his tongue for four long and painful years and escape to any college far away from her grip. This meant he needed to get his grades up and apply behind his parents back since Ashley talked to his mom a lot.

After lunch was over they finished the tour in groups and of course the same group at Jack's table was in his tour group. Poor Jack was annoyed as Ashley made him hold her hand as they walked. He tired to pull away from her only to feel her iron grip damn near break his hand. She sweet smile was a warning to not try that again. On the Brightside he had a good idea where his classes would be and he was praying he had a different schedule than Ashley since she was in gymnastics and cheerleading unlike him. So at the very least he would not have PE with her.

School basic layout

Since they were freshmen though they would have to take the core classes like math, language arts, science, history and the rest were up for negotiation. They were given choices for PE or some version of Athletics, a foreign language and had to choose from music, home economics drama or art from their electives section. As they move up the grades they would gain an extra elective based on what plan they were on. Ashley seemed very positive and perky like a typical cheerleader.

Once the tour was over they were dismissed and told they could go to their dorms or the cafeteria to hang out as long as they behaved. They were not aloud to loiter in the halls or leave the school grounds without permission.

(Insert boy's senior vs. sophmore, junior vs. freshman flag football event here)

Ashley gave Jack a kiss goodbye on his cheek since she wanted to attend the cheer meeting in the dorm before the flag football event. Jack was relieved that he could escape her grasp and decided to hole up in his dorm room. He had no desire to play flag football and would fake an illness to avoid it. Justin wanted to socialize more so he left and Jack felt a sense of relief as his dark grin returned. He headed towards his room passed the crowded hallways. Along the way he ran into Lance, Charlie and Joey who were teasing the nerds trying to get to their rooms. Jack's creepy smile widened since he needed to blow off some steam after being released from his so called "Prefect Girlfriend".

Lance: Well if it isn't loverboy.

Charlie: More like sissy boy.

Joey: Not so tough without your girlfriend huh?

Lance: How about you dump her and we go our separate ways.

Jack just shook his head as he knew that was impossible. He might not be able to escape Ash right now but he would be damned if he let these three goons look down on him.

Jack: Move.

Charlie: I don't think......…..(OOFFF!!)

Charlie reached out to grab Jack's shirt only to find Jack's foot impacting his family jewels hard enough to raise him off the ground. Joey tried to step forward only to find Jack switched his footing and proceeded to rack him the same way. The attack took a mere two seconds as Jack was staring Lance down with a creepy smile.

Jack: Make a move pretty boy. I am feeling stressed out and need to vent.

Jack had an evil smile that totally creeped Lance out. As it was he barely saw Jack's legs move when his two friends dropped like a sack of potatoes. Lance was frozen with fear as Jack walked past him and popping him with his shoulder to shove him aside. It was clear that Jack was good at violence and now Lance messed up since he lost his chance to get Ashley. Knowing it was foolish to push his luck he checked on Joey and Charlie to see if they were okay. he knew better than to report this since they would get in trouble with the coach.

The few boys who saw what happened avoided Jack as he quietly went to his room to be alone. Once he was alone Jack smiled in relief as he laid on his bed face down. He was finally free from Ash...….well at least till dinner time. He was mentally tired and quickly fell asleep for two hours till someone knocked on his door to wake him up. He woke up feeling groggy and looked around till he stumbled out of bed. he thought it was Justin who forgot his key but it turned out to be a male staff member with a package for Jack. After signing for the package he closed the door and opened the package.

Jack wondered if his parents sent him a package but the return address was different. Inside the package was a very nice cellphone in an expensive phone case along with a charger and a debit gift card. Jack was confused as he turned the phone on to see if it had an ID in it. Suddenly the phone rang with the ring tone of dogs barking. Feeling weird he looked at the call ID and it showed the word "Master under the ID". Out of curiosity he answered the phone and heard a girls voice.

Olivia: Its about damn time you answer the phone servant.

Jack: Who is this?

Olivia: How quickly you forget after taking my money.

Jack: You're that bossy blonde from the store right?

Olivia: My name is Olivia Carpenter but you can call me Master.

Jack: What did you want?

Olivia: My snacks! Did you eat them already?

Jack: No there are in my closet. You left so quickly I didn't know what to do with them.

Olivia: You have them? Great! I need you to deliver them to me.

Jack: I am not going to the girls dorm.

Olivia: Good point. My mother hired spies to make sure I don't break her rules. So you need to deliver them in a secret way to me.

Jack: Seriously?

Olivia: Yes seriously. I bought you that phone and gift card to provide me with snacks damn it. There is $10,000 on that gift card so don't loose it.

Jack: You're really going out of your way for cheap junk food.

Olivia: It can't be helped. My mother won't let me have it so I have to do it in a roundabout way. Since you agreed to be my servant and I did pay you its now your job to deliver my snacks.

Jack: Alright, alright give me a second.

Jack looked out his window and saw he was on the first floor and could see the ground below. Then he got an idea.

Jack: I got an idea.

Olivia: It better be good.

Jack: Okay if I can find your room from the outside and you have a rope or cord, you can lower the rope and I can tie the bag to your rope to pull up.

There was silence on the phone for a minute as Olivia looked out her window. She opened it and looked around to see if it would work. After seeing how the plan would work she responded to Jack.

Olivia: That's a great plan since I am on the second floor. Okay I will get a rope or a cord and call you so you can deliver my snacks at night time. And you better deliver my snacks Servant.

Jack: My name is Jack.

Olivia: Your name is Servant.

Then Olivia hung up her phone and smirked as she pondered where to get a rope or chord. Jack on the other hand was annoyed but somewhat grateful for the debit card. Now he would not heed to bug his folks for any money. Since it was a job he figured he would have to appease Olivia with her secret requests since she bought him a fancy phone with service and fronted him $10,000 gift/debit card. Then he went to his closet and dug out the bag with the snacks in it. Seeing as they still in the plastic bags inside a travel bag he wondered if they would be strong enough to not break while being pulled up. Then he got an idea and dug out the complimentary school sports bag for his PE class that was provided when he arrived in the room along with his uniform. Jack put the snacks in the bag and zipped them up before tucking them under his bed and out of sight. He didn't want Justin to know what he was doing since Olivia was being watched.


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