Thanks but no thanks

"I'm from around here. Hell for all I know me and Thomas could have been from the same place just different schools." she said. "Went to public school before but stuff didn't go so well. If you can't tell." she said. "But it might be exciting for other people, I never went out much. Didn't have a lot of friends, and didn't really like being out in public."

"I think everyone of us would be glad to teach you stuff, if you wanted. If your willing to risk the social stigma, you could even hang out with us

"No." she said shaking her head. "Thanks but no thanks." she said. "Not coordinated enough, and don't want the attention." she said. Then Jocelyn looked at him seemingly puzzled. " you think I am popular?" she asked almost having to stifle a chuckle. "Your teasing right? Because I'm not popular. No where near it."

"So yeah, we can hang out. I don't really know anyone, duh. Maybe being a nerd will make the guys leave me alone. Least as far as trying to fuck me." Jocelyn shrugged. "Long as you don't mind someone lame who just wants to sit on the side lines."

"What do you like to do?" he asked Jocelyn.

"Oh a few things but not a lot. I'm a decent cook and baker, I can knit. Stuff like beanies and scarves, sweaters and blankets are to hard. I do painting but its more abstract stuff. Like flicking paint on a canvas."

Jocelyn was about to continue but heard the announcement start, something about Flag Football. "I can't do that." she said. "Should I go talk to the principal about it?"

Soon she saw the "popular table" get up to leave. The boy who looked like he practiced pouty lips in the mirror looked at her one last time before walking out.

"Are all guys like that?" she asked Thomas and Rob. Not meaning to put them on the spot.

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