Ending The Night

Jocelyn nodded. "I don't know. I don't have a lot of money to spend on a swimsuit, plus I don't really wear them. I don't really swim that often, I mean. So I just have my older stuff. Which will work. Just don't know what I'll do." she rambled.

"I'll think about it," she said. "And I'll let you know."

"That's fine. Just so you know, not everyone going will be actually shopping, I'm sure some are just going to go." Courtney was one of those going more to hang out with people than actually shop and she was certain that some of the girls would be the same way. "But of course, it's up to you."

Courtney spotted Heath and Sam leave the social, she looked around for a moment before saying. "I see some girls from the basketball team. I'm going to go talk with them." With that, she got up and left the table to talk to some of the team members before she went outside to get some air. (The rest of this scene is in The Other Talk)


(Later...after Sam and Heath come back inside)

Zander and the other nerds that had started the D&D game, once Heath left, decided that it was good to point to wrap the game for the night. They'd pick it up on Friday night at the beach party.

Zander found his sister, Dawn, and Dawn told Zander about Doug and Melissa. She seemed worried but told Zander she had invited Melissa to the shopping trip in the hope to get to know the other girl better. Zander said he would keep an eye on things, as much as he could. Dawn knew Zander would step in if necessary. As far as the twins knew Doug tended to use girls and throw them away. While they supposed, it could be worse, neither liked the idea of any girl going through that.

Once Dawn and Zander were done talking people were starting to leave, as the ice cream social was wrapping up. The siblings said good night to each other and then left, Dawn also saying good night to the people that were at the table she had been in most of the night before she left.

Heath and Sam got back inside and mingled for a few more minutes with various people before they both noticed people starting to leave. Sam got the ice cream she had put aside for Rose. Said goodnight to the people she knew that saw on the way out and Heath did the same. They both left, walking together until they couldn't any longer that was when they said goodnight and went to their respective dorm rooms.

Melissa said good night and started to leave when she was stopped by some of the cheerleaders who wanted to question her about Doug or more like her and Doug. She didn't say much about it. Letting them think what they wanted for the moment. She then headed back to her room. When she got there there were flowers and a small teddy bear waiting for her in front of the door. With a note that read. "Join me for breakfast in the morning. At the stands. Miss you. Doug." A smile crossed her lips as she took the flowers and teddy bear inside. She wasn't sure how he got the gift to her so quickly but she didn't question it either.

April had made it back to her room and was thinking about how glad she was that she had come to this school as she seemed to be making friends. The normally shy girl felt comfortable around Zander. He was nice and easy to be around. Her thoughts wandered a little as she sat down with her laptop and logged in to see if anyone was around online.

Kyle had been invited on the guys' shopping trip by Heath and he was interested in going. He didn't know if he'd be of much use to the nerds or if he would actually buy anything but it might be fun. At least it would be intersting. He also made his way back to his room after saying good night to people. He had met more people tonight, a few that seemed, interesting to him. He put on his headphones and some music before sitting down with his song book and jotting down some lyrics that had been running though his mind for the past few minutes.

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