Cool Morning Breeze

It was five am Sunday morning and Jack was doing his morning exercises as usual to stay fit. This included 100 pushups, 100 sit ups and a five mile run along the beach. During the week days he only ran two miles in the morning but on the weekend he would run five miles since he had more stress built up. As usual he stressed out from Ashley constantly getting under his skin. He wanted her out of his life but when she was with him he was helpless. In his mind he felt like a helpless Superman being teased by a sexy female bully made of kryptonite. Each day that went by she was removing his simple freedoms one by one. He didn't even get a say in going to the dance now since she was already planning to get a dress for it. As he was running he saw JD and some other jocks working out as well. He plugged his ear buds in to avoid having to talk to anyone as he ran down the beach for 2 and a half miles before heading back.


Jack was listening to some AC/DC to work out with since it got his heart beating fast and aided him to stay focus and motivated. As he ran he cleared his mind of many distractions such as school, Ashley, bullies, sports and etc.... All he was thinking about was the beat of the music as he ran to the beat. The song thunderstruck was very uplifting as he mouthed the words to the song as he ran at a fast pace.

Of course all good things come to an end as he came to end of his two and a half mile stretch and he felt a hand firmly squeezing his rear end. The poor startled Jack turned to see who was behind him only to see a smiling Ashley who was up to no good.

Ashley: Good morning sweet cheeks.

Jack: Not cool Ash.

Jack was feeling frantic now as his heart was racing and looking for a way to escape Ashley. Then he tried to go around her only to get cut off.

Ashley: Going somewhere darling?

Jack: I need to finish my work out.

Ashley: Oh then we can run together and get some breakfast.

Jack: No you don't need to do that.

Ashley: Why stop now. I've been behind you this whole time.

Jack dropped his jaw as he didn't even notice her behind him as he ran.

Jack: What? When? How?

Ashley: I'll let you figure that out, but I did enjoy the view along the way.

Jack: You mean the sunrise?

Ashley: Well that's nice too, but I was admiring your cute butt. I wanted to grab it earlier but I knew you would freak out and pull a muscle.

Jack: Well you damn near gave me a heart attack when you did that.

Ashley: Well I'll let you grope mine if you want revenge.

Jack: No I'm fine.

Ashley: Well when you're ready just let me know then.

Jack: Not happening Ash.

Ashley seductively approached Jack and hugged him around his waist.

Ashley: Oh Jacky Bear. I have noticed that your words and your actions don't always match when you say those hurtful things to me. I know you are very interested in me and even now you are tempted to touch me. You are just playing hard to get, but just so you know I really like you a lot and will be very patient till you only have eyes for me.

Jack: Your crazy.

Ashley: True. Love does make one do crazy things. So what is it going to be darling?

Jack sighed as he wanted to say something profound but lacked the words, especially since he was really turned on by Ashley at the moment and he was unable to hide it as long as she was hugging him.

Jack: Fine! We will finish the run and get breakfast.

Ashley: Oh you're such a romantic. Would you like me for desert?

Jack: No I'm fine.

Ashley giggled as Jack was reaching his limit again. So she let him go and they began their run again for two and half miles. Jack was actually running faster this time as Ashley ran by his side while smiling. Once they got back they rinsed off and changed clothes to get breakfast at a nearby food truck. They got a few breakfast croissant sandwiches for themselves and a few friends. Then they got some coffee drinks and found a table. Blossom and Justin then joined them. They saw Kaylee and Matt off doing breakfast alone so they gave them their space.

Kaylee watched as Carter wandered off. What she hadn’t noticed was, her brother Matt, witnessing Carter and her talking. She was about to continue on getting her coffee when Matt came over to her. “Bonjour.” (Good morning). Clearly something was on his mind. “Que voulait Carter?” (What did Carter want?)

“Puis-je d'abord prendre un café, puis nous pourrons parler?” (Can I get some coffee first, then we can talk?) Kaylee sighed, her brother wasn’t over protective but he certainly seemed concerned about something. She got her coffee, a cafe au lait and her brother got an espresso. The two took their coffees and sat down at one of the tables.

Kaylee took a few sips of her coffee then responded. “Il venait de m'aider avec quelque chose, c'est tout.” (He had just helped me out with something, that's all)

Then Ashley asked Blossom if she enjoyed her walk with Conner which made her blush.

Ashley: Oh do I sense romance?

Blossom: He asked me out on a date, but I don't know about romance. We hardly know each other.

Ashley: Awwww how sweet.

Justin: Well keep it friendly till you are ready at your own pace. Sometimes we get confused with mixed feelings.

Ashley: True. Love at first sight is not a normal thing and sometimes things get complicated. However if he hurts you let me know and I will make him cry like a little boy.

Justin: That's harsh Ashley.

Ashley: Don't worry I doubt Conner would do that.

Justin: True that. What do you think Jack?

Jack swallowed his food and sipped his coffee before he cleared his throat.

Jack: Ash is being over protective, but we do have a lot of jerks at this school. I already had a run in with Lance and his lackys.

Justin: And how did that work out?

Jack: They wanted me to dump Ash so they could date her. I laughed then they tried to hit me. So I defended myself.

Blossom: Do you know how to fight Jack?

Ashley: You could say that. He was trained at daddy's dojo for a good while even after I moved away.

Blossom: Really?

Jack: Yeah, but I didn't know till later on it was owned by her dad. Lets just say I can hold my own.

Justin so how long did the fight last?

Jack: A few seconds. Three kicks to the groin and they dropped like a sack of potatoes. After that they sort of backed down till the yogurt incident.

Blossom: Yeah that was mean.

Ashley: Not to mention the fire alarm going off after that.

Ashley gave Jack a sly grin as she said that.

Justin: So any plans today? There is a lot of snobby kids heading to the Boardwalk today.

Blossom: I think I'll hang out here.

Ashley: Yeah Jack and I will play in the beach again since we have more room today. And you?

Justin: I'll hang out till I find something interesting to do.

Ashley: I bet.

The four of them continued to enjoy their breakfast and coffee on the beach wondering if anyone else would be joining them.


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